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Funnel scripts jim edwards

Copywriting is one of the cornerstones of constructive online marketing, as it helps persuade the reader into buying the product or service you’re promoting. It includes everything from the words you write in your sales pages and reviews to the ones in your emails and blog posts. 

Creating an excellent copy is governed by your understanding of your target market, the product you’re promoting, and how this product helps solve the hurdles your target market is facing. This is a very time-consuming task, which is why many marketers resort to script-writing platforms. 

Funnel Scripts is one of the most popular script-writing platforms out there mainly because of its ability to create compelling copies that cater to the challenges and needs of a designated target market. Today, we cover everything you need to know about Funnel Scripts, so stick around. 

The Man Behind Funnel Scripts Jim Edwards

Anyone in the affiliate marketing community, when speaking of copywriting, immediately thinks of Jim Edwards. He is recognised as one of the most skilled, and highly successful copywriters of the 21st century.

Not only is Jim an author, but also an internet expert, marketing entrepreneur, newspaper columnist, author, motivational speaker and elite mentor and coach.

Jim started his career in real estate and mortgage banking, but despite excelling he made the decision to quit and pursue his own business. This decision proved to be a value teaching moment for him. Within a few short years he failed, developed a heart condition and ultimately was forced to declare bankruptcy.

This was a turning point in Jim’s online career. Within two years of entering the industry, and already mastering his marketing strategies he was financially stable and free of debt.

Jim created his own company, Guaranteed Response Marketing, LLC, with the goal of helping motivate smart, hard-working individuals create their own businesses and attain financial freedom. 

A prolific creator and writer, Jim constantly has several books and new products in development at any given time.  Copywriting Secrets is one of several books he has published, as well as dozens of ebooks, hundreds of articles dozens and columns in various publications.

Jim also produces and hosts a weekly webinar and is a regular guest speaker at seminars and conventions. Through his company, Jim has been able to produce 40 different informational products on DVD and countless more digital resources available online.

He has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, and his products have ranked number one best selling in the educational, business and economics and special interest, business categories on Amazon.

His latest works include

  • The Jim Edwards Method

  • Author Wizards

  • Sales Copywriting and Content Marketing Hacks Podcast

  • Copywriting Secrets book.

  • And of course the Funnel Scripts software

His skills has seen in generate millions of dollars of revenue from teleseminars, webinars and live presentations. In addition to his books, CDs, DVDs, coaching and affiliate product income streams.

So there is no doubt Jim Edwards has the credentials and the sales history to be a trustworthy expert. Lets find out what you will learn in Copywriting Secrets!

But let’s just face it, if we’re going to be realistic, it’s going to take a lot of time if we want to do it ourselves. Of course, we can hire experienced copywriters, but what if we don’t have the time or the budget to hire one?

What Does Funnel Scripts Offer?

Funnel Scripts is a feature-rich platform that offers its users a wide selection of scripts to choose from, including ad scripts for social media platforms, opt-in scripts, sales scripts, webinar scripts, video sales scripts, and more. No matter your purpose, Funnel Scripts has a script for you.

Funnel Scripts also has 4 downloadable script wizards, including Perfect Webinar Wizard, Video Sales Letter Wizard, Easy Survey Wizard, and Star, Story, Solution Wizard. To add, each one of the scripts provided come with fillable forms and samples that offer a great deal of guidance. 

The fabulous thing about Funnel Scripts is that it’s fairly easy to use, as each and every script is backed by short training videos that illustrate how you can make the most out of the scripts. Not only that, but there are also monthly live training, ensuring you make the most out of the tool. 

What Type of Copy Can It Create?

Funnel Scripts is an all-in-one dashboard that’s dedicated to creating copies. It provides custom copies for different aspects of business, completely eliminating the need for copywriters.

Funnel Scripts allows you to create the following copies:

  • Email subject lines

  • Product descriptions

  • Headlines

  • Email scripts

  • Video sales letters

  • Webinar opt-ins

  • Sales copies

  • Lead capture pages

  • Ad copies

  • CTA copies

Like we’ve already established, the sales copies provided by Funnels Scripts are a combination of tried-and-true pre-written sales materials. It doesn’t matter what type of copywriting problems you may be facing as an online business owner, Funnel Scripts will help you overcome them. 

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