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Funnel Scripts Direct Purchase

If you want to sell anything online, the words you use to persuade people to buy, are extremely critical. The headlines you use, the sub-headings, the main text and the Call To Action text, is all known as Copy.

Effective Copywriting is almost an exact science. The most important part of any type of marketing is the text that people read just before they decide to purchase. And that goes for online marketing too.

But most of us are not talented Copywriters, so what do we do?

Thankfully, there’s Funnel Scripts; a tool that can make anyone better at Copywriting than 99.9% of everyone else selling online.

Every part of the sales process, from the initial ad, to the landing page, to the headlines of the emails you send out to subscribers, to every carefully chosen word of copy in your Calls to Action… all guide the reader through the sales process; the sales funnel.

Every sentence of your copy should have one goal. The headline’s ONLY goal is to make your visitor read the sub header. The sub headline only needs to make them read the next paragraph, and so on.

Direct Purchase

When you consider that the best Copywriters charge upwards of $20,000 to write an average sales page, then this very accurate Script Generator will save you a fortune.

Funnel Scripts costs $797 for a one time payment.

If you just want Funnel Scripts on its own however, Russell and Jim have increased the price twice before, and plenty of people are happy to pay it.

As the software is updated with new features all the time, it’s only a matter of time before the price increases again. So grab it now!

Personally, if you were to only use the Facebook Ads that Funnel Scripts generates, you would be delighted with your purchase, because you’d recoup your money in NO time.

So when you look at it like that, Funnel Scripts is actually very inexpensive!

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