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Email marketing with getresponse

GetResponse offers a suite of email marketing tools designed to deliver tailor-made offers to your contacts when they’re most active. You can build an effective email marketing strategy in a just few simple steps, without breaking the bank.

An email marketer that still makes an impact?

Haven’t we moved beyond email? Quite the opposite, actually. Email remains the greatest way to connect with a customer directly and convert contacts into sales.

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At the heart of it, email marketing is a coordinated campaign designed to deliver timely automated emails or an email newsletter inspiring a customer to act — whether that’s buy, sign up, download, or whatever else your business needs.

Your prospects who are interested in your service can join your email list and learn everything they need to know to make an informed buying decision and turn into a loyal customer.

Lead generation begins when you share the essentials with your targeted audience — those most likely to benefit from your product or service — setting up all businesses for sustained success and increased revenue.

GetResponse for Online Marketers

Did you know that 64% of online marketers plan to increase their email marketing budget in the following year? And one in four marketers states that email is the best channel for delivering excellent ROI (The State of Email Marketing by Industry January 2016).

Consider upgrading your online marketing with advanced GetResponse email marketing solutions that are low-cost budget items.

Leverage and grow your email list

You have a list with hundreds or thousands of contacts but need fresh ideas on how to monetize it, right?

  • Whether your contacts are interested in health, weight loss or relationship building, assign related tags and send them content that is highly relevant to their individual needs.

  • Use custom fields to learn more about your subscribers and get to know their habits and preferences.

  • Utilize those custom fields in your communication workflows to create highly targeted subscriber journeys.

  • Personalize your follow-up messages with the contact's name, photo, or location, to maximize engagement.

  • Consider offering an affiliate marketing program and running targeted drip campaigns to build long-lasting relationships.

  • Track the traffic on your website to gain insights on what content visitors are engaging with most. Then plan your communications based on what you’ve learned.

  • Import contacts with API integrations or collect them using online surveys, mobile apps, and customized forms on landing pages and Facebook.

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Drive more revenues

Squeeze the most out of small-business strategies that have limited advertising budgets.

  • Generate traffic by increasing readership on smartphones and tablets with messages that fit all mobile devices perfectly.

  • Send offers at the exact time when each contact is most likely to open your messages.

  • To keep your budget low, distribute your content globally via RSS feed or let your readers share your offers on social media.

  • Drive sales with an affiliate marketing program, giving it a professional look with ready-made templates and multiple design tools.

  • Create conversion-focused automation workflows, aimed at turning contacts into customers.

  • Target cart abandoners so you can work to win back every nearly-missed sale.

Increase subscription rates

Implement simple opt-in forms to increase the quality and quantity of your traffic.

  • Customize your signup forms and place them on your landing pages or Facebook.

  • Create automated welcome cycles triggered every time someone subscribes.

  • Use online surveys to solicit feedback and give visitors a reason to enter their contact information.

  • Include a lead magnet such as a free guide and entice prospects to access it via download box.

  • Use exit popups, shake boxes and scroll forms to speed up your list building.

  • Integrate with commercial applications, social media channels, and tracking tools to consolidate all of your contact lists.

Drive more conversions from landing pages

Use the power of visuals and images to create a fully interactive experience that attracts new visitors.

  • Use ready-made templates to create beautiful, professional graphic designs that provide a unique customer experience.

  • Include free iStock visuals or add your own videos to download boxes for your ebooks and reports.

  • Experiment with A/B testing of various designs, subject lines, and CTAs to see which work best for creating ultimate lead generation.

  • Post links to invite guests to your webinars, offering limited seating to increase urgency and maximize participation rate.

  • Increase readership with a responsive design that makes your landing page fit the screens of all mobile devices.

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Build an autoresponder sequence

If you’re wondering why your autoresponders don’t generate traffic, try a combination of relationship building, content, and email automation.

  • Build effective promo campaigns and educational courses with multiple automation workflows.

  • Send an automated welcome email, including a video greeting, and personalize it with the reader’s name and location.

  • Use custom fields as conditions in your automation workflows to increase the specificity and effectiveness of your mailings.

  • Ask about the preferred frequency of getting updates, and then build separate email campaigns, each with a distinct intensity and frequency.

  • Create a series of soft-sell emails with valuable content resources and unique discounts, coupons, and incentives.

  • Assign tags to reward your customers for actions, and then segment your contact list based on their level of engagement.

  • Include automated alerts and reminders to follow up with those who do not open your messages or click the links.

Remain transparent and reliable

Build your reputation, with maximum data security and minimum spam complaints.

  • Add legal disclaimers and privacy policy annotations to make sure you comply with legal regulations and international laws.

  • Process unsubscribes automatically to prevent unsolicited communications that could result in fines and penalties.

  • Whitelist your messages to make sure they get through the systems of all major email service providers.

  • Make sure your content is safe and secure, thanks to GetResponse’s 99% deliverability and 100% security.

  • Watch your bounce rate and unsubscribes, analyze opens and clicks, and track your goals for better results.

Get your 30 FREE Trial of Getresponse Account. No Card Details Needed to Join!

Add the power of GetResponse to your online marketing. Your customers will love the incredible campaigns you create using GetResponse. Find out all GetResponse can do for your online marketing.

Get your 30 FREE Trial of Getresponse Account. No Card Details Needed to Join!

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