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Builderall vs Wordpress

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Affiliate marketers and online businesses alike are always in search of a tool or platform that will help them make lead conversions seamless and cost-effective.

Business owners also face the challenge of having to manage their sales process, marketing, and online presence all at the same time. 

Builderall and WordPress are two platforms commonly chosen for these tasks. This article gives you a detailed Builderall vs WordPress review to help you establish which of the two is the right product for you.

Builderall vs. WordPress is a tough battle between two website builders. Both have their own sets of pros and cons, and it is your job to weigh their differences accurately.

For you to determine the better option between WordPress vs. Builderall, first, you need to know more about the specific offers of these two platforms.

What is Builderall All About?

For those who haven’t heard of it yet, Builderall is a type of all in one online marketing platform. It has a professional and offers seamless navigation experience. This platform allows you to develop eye-catching campaigns that can help your business’s growth.

These may sound good on paper, but you might feel overwhelmed with everything Builderall has to offer, especially its long list of tools. These marketing tools are geared for small online businesses.

The platform also labels itself as a one-stop-shop for every digital marketing need. This system contains the necessary marketing tools to achieve success.

You can count on all the features and tools Builderall has to offer. You might not have even heard of some of these features. Also, there are thousands of templates and themes you can choose from when developing your websites and sales funnels.

So that you know, it was in 2011 when Builderall started as a project to help entrepreneurs and digital marketers. This aims to help business owners achieve the results they want quickly as it is a solid and comprehensive platform that comes at an affordable price.

The people behind Builderall noticed how online entrepreneurs find it more difficult to get the results they want. With the continuous growth of tools that come with high prices, competitors, and spammers, making significant progress in the field doesn’t come with ease.

This makes it essential to have a low-priced single and smart platform like Builderall.

What is WordPress All About?

WordPress is a type of open-source tool. This is free for everyone, and anyone can download and install it. You can use WordPress for various purposes, and no one will suspend your site due to violation of terms of service or censorship.

You can also customize WordPress depending on what you need or want with no restrictions at all.

But, just like all platforms, first, you need to register your chosen domain name and web hosting. Depending on your specific requirements, there might also be a need for you to purchase premium themes or extensions on WordPress. Just take note that these will come with additional costs.

Builderall Vs WordPress – Pricing

A huge contrast between the two platforms is the price factor.

WordPress is advertised as a free platform. However, the truth is it is not entirely free. This is especially true if you want to achieve advanced customizations and functionality; you will need to buy premium themes and plugins which may end up being far more expensive than Builderall the all-inclusive package.

You also have to incur the setup costs such as hosting fees.

WordPress users may also need to pay for additional services. This may include a web designer to help you customize the look or the functionality of your website. These additional costs will vary depending on the scale of your website.

Builderall, has two pricing options each tailored to meet the different needs of it’s users.

Builderall Pricing:

  • The Essential Business Plan. This is aimed at businesses who only need a website or online presence. Price: $29.90 You get access to all the website builders including the pixel perfect and 10,000 email subscribers through Mailingboss. Plus access to all the pre-built website templates to speed up your site development.

  • The Premium Plan. This is aimed at marketers, web designers and digital agencies who build websites and run marketing campaigns through the use of Webinars, Email Marketing and Sales Funnels on behalf of their customers. This package is also popular amongst email marketers, content marketers and affiliate marketers. This is solely because builderall includes all the apps and tools that these people currently need and use everyday to be successful online. Price: 69.90 This package gives you access to all the platforms features and capabilities.

Given the amount of premium features, you can access in Builderall (that gives you the ability to build unlimited sales funnels, unlimited, automated email marketing, build your own affiliate program among other things), you can say that it’s quite a bargain.

Builderall Vs WordPress – Support

Builderall has numerous support options that enable its users to find any information they need in order to help them make the most of the platform.

This includes support via their Facebook support group, their knowledge base, email support and live chat support.

If you have any problems with either using the Builderall platform or with technical problems then support is quick and friendly.

In addition to support Builderall also offer their own YouTube Channel with training videos to help you get the most out of the platform.

WordPress does not have support directly. Instead, it relies on a community that creates a wealth of information on how to exploit the platform to your benefit. This is usually in terms of blogs, YouTube videos, forums.

The downside is when you have technical issues, you have to fix things yourself or hire outside experts.

Themes and plugins are separate entities where support is concerned. Some offer excellent support while others offer minimal to none.

Builderall offers superior support since you can contact the support team directly via the various available channels. WordPress support, on the other hand, is far from perfect given that you often have to resolve problems on your own.

Which one to choose?

Both platforms provide you with all the essential features which you need for your business. Both of these platforms help you to use a wide range of tools for website development, digital marketing, making fully functional templates and a lot of other advanced options.

On the other hand, if you want to go with any other software, Clickfunnels can be the right pick. It offers almost all features of Builderall and WordPress with more precise results. You can easily create funnels for all the tasks and support your business more conveniently.

Wordpress is a content management system which helps you to create your websites in a matter of a few minutes. You can quickly build new websites, add plugins with different functionalities, and use options to rank your site.

There is no limit to making website pages and funnels. The plugins can give you the features of auto responses, quick access to pro functionalities, and other primary options to manage a website as a great online business.

However, there are limitations with WordPress because it does not offer as many functionalities and options as Builderall offer you. Its prices are less than other software, but the features are also limited.

That’s why among WordPress vs. builderall, you can go with Builderall if you need all affiliate marketing tools.

Builderall Vs WordPress – Verdict

This is quite an unusual comparison of two platforms that effectively help businesses of all types to get new customers online.

On one side, we have the WordPress a platform that enables businesses to make the most of blogging and content marketing for the customer acquisition process. It also features a myriad of plugins and themes that help its users to build any kind of website.

However, this review has established that though WordPress is advertised as a free platform, it will cost you more time and money to achieve similar functionality to that of Builderall because you have to purchase hosting, premium themes and the average number of 8 plugins are required.

Moreover, you will likely need to hire web developers to help you with customizations and integrations which may end up making WordPress the more expensive option.

Builderall on the other side is one of the most complete and usable digital marketing platform ever built.

It allows business owners and marketers to bring more customers sales channels, bring their ideas to life, get to sell their products and effectively deliver their messages among other things.

It’s one of the best things that’s happened to website agencies, affiliate marketers, product creators, business owners, or anyone interested in online marketing and online business.

Despite WordPress being a very useful tool, Builderall carries the day thanks to its extensive marketing automation tools and features that offer far more value for money.

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