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Builderall vs Groovefunnels

Whenever a visitor enters your website sales funnel, you have to trap him by showing some attractive offers. The main goal is to get his email address so that he can become a subscriber and regular follower as well.

There are so many things that can work as a lead magnet for your business. The list includes eBooks, a cheat sheet, or some course. To deliver this lead magnet, it is important to set up an opt-in email page using a sales funnel builder.

Once you acquire potential leads to your business by getting their email address, the next task is to begin the pre-selling process. The idea is to build up a solid trust base in the market by sending valuable information to your subscribers. You can share some relevant details about your new product and services.

Many businesses even end up investing a huge amount in getting all these tools separately. However, the best recommendation is to look for an all-in-one solution where you need not make efforts for a third party combination.

GrooveFunnels and Builderall both these tools offer unique features, pros, and cons that you need to know before making a selection for the best sales funnel Builder for your business.

Let us have a detailed discussion on both these digital marketing solutions so that you can pick the most reliable one to take your business to a whole new level.


What is GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels is better defined as an all in one marketing solution for online business. This package is created by Mile Filsaime and his team at GrooveDigital. They are the founder of another successful tool Kartra which is already growing high in the competitive market. GrooveFunnels is a software as a service platform (SaaS) that can help you build your own online digital assets. It was launched in the middle of 2020 with plenty of useful apps out of which many are expected to hit the market either by the end of 2020 or early 2021.

GrooveFunnels is one of the best tools to build your sales funnel. It also packs all the bells and whistles to create websites and sell online. The program is now available as a lite version for free that you might want to try out.

What is Builderall?

Builderall is serving a huge audience base in the market right since its launch in the year 2010. This solution was first created to address challenges in the Brazilian business industry; however, later in the year 2018, it was launched into the American market.

The solution is paid but offers more control and flexibility over GrooveFunnels. However, it has more features than you may ever need! Builderall lets you automate your client engagement and nurturing for more satisfaction and less effort.

GrooveFunnels Vs. Builderall: Features

Builderall offers plenty of features that we’ll list next. While most of these are available on the Builderall Premium plan, you may want to check as some may only be available with the essential plan.

Dedicated servers

To create a website, you need website hosting and that’s exactly what Builderall provides. Groovefunnels does this also. Builderall offers dedicated local servers to host your websites, sales funnels, videos, webinars, and everything else you want to design and publish for your business. GrooveDigital uses Google Cloud Servers which are lighting fast.

Drag and drop site builder

The site builder tool is without a doubt Builderall’s best feature. To create a successful online business, you need to create landing pages! To help you do that, Builderall offers a selection of website builders.

Builderall allows you to create your website in three different builders, so you can see how your site looks on mobile, desktop, and tablet. Groovepages does this also but in one builder.

The builders is a section where you can find all tools you will need to build a website, landing page, sales funnel, mobile app, floating video, online course, as well as an online store. The three builders are called the drag and drop pixel perfect builder, the drag and drop responsive builder, and the mobile-first drag and drop builder.

The three website builders are all ‘what you see is what you get’ drag and drop editors, and the key difference between them is the responsive view.

While having the option of three builders gives you ultimate control on how your site looks across all devices, it means that you can spend a lot of extra time designing your website for each device. With one builder GroovePages is much faster and easier to use.

If you don’t want to spend hours and hours doing this and would prefer to design your site once, you can opt for the drag and drop responsive builder.

The easy-to-use drag and drop interface and lots of other integrated applications also allow you to build attractive, professional and effective websites, virtual stores, lead Capture pages, and sales pages.


Both Groovepages and Builderall offer a number of free templates. One of Builderall’s best benefits is that there’s an extensive range of templates available for users. The main difference is that GroovePages offers a URL importer where you can copy any websites template on the planet and make it your own.

The templates cover a big range of niches and industries, so whatever field your business is in, there will be a template to suit your brand.

Templates come by type too. So, whether you’re creating a lead capture page, sales funnel set, webinar page, membership page, thank you page, or anything else, there’s sure to be a template to suit the situation. GroovePages does this also.

Builderall also provides several blank templates for those who want to create their perfect pages from scratch.

Unfortunately, Builderall is not the best when it comes to professional templates. Some of them are outdated and their copy is just simple lorem ipsum text. But there are some really good ones that are aesthetically pleasing and professional-looking as well.

Sales Funnels

The sales funnels templates are worth a mention on their own. Each template is created to increase sales and conversions, which is just what you want for an online business. The sales funnels templates come in lots of options, integrations, and checkout options, including two and three-step checkouts. You can also allow cross and up-selling at the checkout too.

GrooveKart and GrooveSell does this as well but does it even better IMHO. However, there are a few criticisms of the Builderall site builder tool. The first is that as there are three different website builders, this means it can be difficult to find a suitable template that works well on each one.

Also, the category menu is quite confusing, as the categories all seem quite random. For example, categories can include ‘landing page’, ‘health & beauty’, and ‘local business’.

So, some of the categories seem to be page types, while others are business types. Likewise, all three of the site builders use the same category filter, yet not all categories are valid for all three builders.

For example, naturally, when you create an e-commerce website, you may want to focus on mobile users as mobile use is so mainstream nowadays.

So, to target mobile users you want to create a suitable sales funnel. So, you choose the mobile-first builder, then go onto sales funnels listed in the category menu. However, there isn’t anything there! The mobile-first builder doesn’t have sales funnel templates. That should seal the deal if you have an e-Commerce store.

This makes the site builder tool both confusing and untidy, especially for a first-time marketer. If you already have a somewhat decent marketing strategy, then you might find Builderall kind of simplistic, especially if you opt for the lowest subscription tier (Free or Builder).

Heat mapping

A feature that Builderall offers that many other similar platforms don’t is the heat mapping tool. This is called the click map. The click map allows users to view where their audience has been clicking on each page.

This helps understand browser behaviors and how they navigate your website. That way you can analyze where on your page draws the most attention, and where doesn’t. GrooveFunnels currently doesn’t offer this but it is in the works. Heat Mapping also serves as a guide concerning what type of images and content your viewers typically consume so that you know what kind of materials as well as topics to share with them.

Builderall and GroovePages both work with Google Analytics so you can monitor and track your audience and how they engage with your website.

However, it’s important to note that while the heat mapping tool sounds fantastic, it doesn’t always work and has been reported that it sometimes comes up as an error.

Animated video tool

As it sounds, the animated video tool allows you to create full animated videos. You can add animations, text, sound, and many other exciting and eye-catching effects. GrooveVideo is still in Beta and the animation feature is in the works.

The tool library offers tons of backgrounds, animated characters, and sound effects to add so you can jazz up any video. The text to speech feature is another feature of the tool, however, it could do with some ironing out. The way it works is that you type in text and the program reads the text out for you in a variety of voice types.

The video tool is only available for the premium package though.

Design Studio

The design studio allows users to create stunning images and videos for your website, products, courses, eBooks, social media, plus more.

You can add videos or images into a specific area of an image, such as a mobile device screen, a picture frame, a TV screen, or any other type of space.

You can also upload your own video or image frame and can decide the area where your video or image will be displayed. GrooveVideo and GroovePages does this also, plus it allows you to do so with a delay to pop up when you want it to.

It’s super easy to complete too and shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes per image on Builderall vs 2 minutes on GroovePages.

In the photo studio section of Builderall, you can edit photos, add special effects and text, edit the size and backgrounds. However, it seems to be a work in progress feature as the tool only seems to contain random stock photos and not much else. GroovePages stock photo library seems pretty complete.

While the design studio is quite a nifty tool, it’s not a necessary feature and could be easily incorporated into the builder as GroovePages has done.

App Creator

Fancy trying your hand at creating apps? Well, now you can with Builderall’s app creator. The app creator allows youto build, edit, and publish mobile apps that you can distribute across different platforms at no cost. But if you want to make some dollars with your apps, you must create Amazon, Play, and Apple app accounts.

On ‘The State Of Groove’ over Labor Day Weekend Groove announced that they were in negotiations to purchase a leading app creator.

Creating a company app using this tool is a great way to let customers learn your business information and gain access to discount sales and offers, make bookings, etc.

Email marketing

Another main feature of Builderall is the MailingBoss email marketing tool. This feature allows you to create emailing marketing campaigns.

Builderall’s pricing plans allow you to have 100 subscribers with the entry level plans up to unlimited (with a limit on disk space however) GrooveMail being release mid September will allow free plans up to 500 subscribers. The paid plans go up to 50,000 subscribers and more can be added for a fee and with no disk space limits.

With both Builderall and GrooveMail you can organize your leads and lists by using tags and behavioral triggers. When it comes to creating a new email marketing campaign, you can use pre-designed elements and templates to help you quickly build an effective and attractive campaign.

However, while MailingBoss works fine, it isn’t the best email marketing solution on the market and the format is a little difficult to get used to. This rings especially true when compared to popular email marketing services out there such as MailChimp, SendInBlue, and GetResponse. Sadly, MailingBoss just doesn’t stack up.

The top menu bar isn’t very clear and organized, and there are barely any submenus which make navigation confusing. For example, ‘subscribers’ and ‘lists’ are separate in the main menu when you’d assume that subscribers would be under the lists section.

Also, you can’t view the email sequence of auto-responders very easily. And as you create various emails, they’ll each appear under the ‘email sequence’ section at random, and it won’t be clear in which order the emails must be sent. You must control it in the ‘workflow’ section instead. As you can imagine, this can get a little confusing and frustrating at times.

On-page SEO

Builderall’s on-page SEO tool assesses every part of your website’s search engine optimization, offering you a score and giving you advice on how to improve it. All you need to do is enter a keyword you want to rank with along with your website address.

The tool will then instantly deliver all the information you need to make your website optimized based on your chosen keyword, improving your visibility in search engines.

While separate from the SEO tool, what’s also great is that all Builderall templates are fully optimized for search engines too, making the job of SEO a whole lot easier for you. However, while the tool is very useful,it’s lacking in comparison to other SEO tools in some ways.

For example, when compared to Yoast for WordPress, Builderall’s SEO report doesn’t save the information for you to keep as a reference. This can be quite annoying as every time you want to check a page you need to go through the same process of inserting the URL and keyword every time, even if you want to check one small thing.

GroovePages currently doesn’t have this feature however I know they are working with SEO Guru Mike Long and the guys from Fusion to make GroovePages, even more, SEO friendly (beyond the mobile-first responsiveness and incredible speed that they currently offer).


To sell your products or services online, you need an eCommerce store and that’s exactly what Builderall offers. Simply pop your products into the Builderall Marketplace, and then choose your payment and delivery options for the products.You’ll also have access to useful and fun eCommerce features including coupons, popups, a more streamlined checkout process, plus more.

You can then go on to set up an affiliate program so your customers and influencers can sell your products for you. This is a great idea if you want to make cash but don’t want to deal with sales.

Get your 14 day free trial of builderall here (No Credit Card required) The online store builder is Builderall’s application that allows users to create and design their online shop. It is a partnership between Builderall and the already established open-source cart platform Magento. The app works like other typical online store builders such as Shopify. You have a wide variety of options to help you build your desired look as well as how it operates.

It’s also worth mentioning in this section that you can use your store to promote the Builderall business affiliate program. Once you’ve signed up to the Builderall Business plan, you can promote Builderall as a marketing tool, earning money from any sales you close. Builderall pays 30%. GrooveFunnels affiliate program pays 20% for free members and 40% to paid members.

With your eCommerce store, Builderall conveniently integrates with a variety of other platforms and tools for an easy, streamlined experience.

These include PayPal, Stripe, Shopify, plus more. So, whatever your business, you can use the tools that fit best for your company. GroovePages has multiple platforms, GrooveSell, and GrooveKart with features that Builderall can’t compete with. With a paid GrooveKart plan you have zero credit card processing fees.

Builderall cannot say that and even the free Groove plans only have a 2% fee, something again that Builderall

Membership sites

This leads us on to membership sites. With Builderall, you can transform some or all your website into a membership site. This offers customers an exciting, exclusive feel.

To do so, you can create a restricted area of the website using one of the Builderall builders. Then you align the registration and login settings to suit your membership design.

Depending on your goal, memberships can be free, or you can charge. This is a great way to monetize your business and collect, say, a monthly subscription fee from customers.

Blog Builder

In today’s media-saturated world, creating engaging content is a priority for every brand in every field. After all, you don’t want to get lost in the competition! With Builderall’s blog builder, you can quickly and easily add blog posts using the intuitive tool. GrooveBlog was released in January of 2021 and has been getting outstanding reviews for its SEO optimization features.

GrooveFunnels Vs. Builderall: Pricing Plans

Now you have gone through several important details about both these marketing and funnel builder tools. It is time to discuss its pricing plans so that you can make an easy purchase decision for your business.


GrooveFunnels is currently accessible with three different pricing plans. You can access the Silver plan by paying $99 per month; the Gold plan is available at $199 per month, whereas the Platinum plan is accessible at $299 per month.

On the other side, the base plan offers free access to a few essential tools listed in the GrooveFunnels package.

The main difference between all these paid plans can be given in terms of the tools that you can access. The Silver plan provides access to just a few important tools, whereas the Platinum plan makes all these tools accessible to the user.

The Platinum plan has all the core apps needed for professionals and experts to run an online business.


The Builderall plan is currently available with four different offers. You can go ahead with the Build plan by paying $19.90 per month; the Marketer plan is accessible at $29.90 per month. The Essential plan is priced at $49.90 per month, and the Premium plan is available at $69.90 per month.

Same as GrooveFunnels, the Builderall packages also provide access to a different set of tools. It is essential to mention that both these marketing tools offer base plans that are free to access. The GrooveFunnel free plan provides three tools that can be used to set up business at the initial stage.

These three tools include GroovePages, GrooveSell, and GrooveAffiliate. The free plan is good for a beginner entrepreneur who wants to explore the package options and sell digital products.

On the other side, the Builderall doesn’t have a free plan, but it comes with a 14 days free trial. You can access a few essential features using this basic plan to serve your audience base in the market.

GrooveFunnels Vs. Builderall: Pros and Cons

Now it is time to list the pros and cons of both these competitors:


  • It is based on brand new technology that promises SEO optimization, fast loading, and mobile-first indexing.

  • Super high-quality product with a quality user interface.

  • Fastest growing all in one solution.

  • The free plan offers easy access to three essential tools.

  • Premium Lifetime Offer is the best investment you can make.

  • Pay one time and use forever without any monthly payments involved.


  • Relatively expensive, but the Premium Lifetime offer is a no brainer.

  • Many of these tools are still under the development stage.


  • Incredible range of tools that are high on demand.

  • Established company that is serving customers for the past ten years.

  • Offers 14 days free trial.


  • Many of its tools are outdated and unprofessional.

  • You can face many bugs in these tools.

  • May not be so useful for beginners.

  • Expensive solution.

GrooveFunnels Vs. Builderall: Verdict

Builderall and Groovefunnels are both all-in-one digital marketing platforms that help you create and grow an online business. They are both ideal for new marketers and entrepreneurs that have started a business venture, startup, or small business.

If you are looking to build your entire online business under one platform without making use of multiple tools and dealing with multiple integrations, you may want to consider researching Builderall and GrooveFunnels.

Any entrepreneur or business owner can use Builderall to generate more business. Even beginners can set up a store and start selling easily in minutes. Marketers can also use the tool to collect, manage, and automate leads, engagement, and sales.

The tool is also intuitive and backed by a dedicated support team and training materials. In short, any person who wants to create a solid online presence can use this digital marketing platform.

If you’re someone who prefers monthly subscriptions for whatever reasons, Builderall can be a great option. The same goes for if you are looking to promote it as an affiliate, as they have a pretty good affiliate program. Although, it seems like an MLM with trees of people who work above and underneath you.

Plus, you may also simply prefer Builderall because it’s a complete product, instead of still being developed. Overall, it’s a great option that is worth considering for a lot of businesses.

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