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Builderall Competitors

While BuilderAll has been a great solution for business owners and marketers for quite a long time now. Well, it is obvious that lots of competitors and alternatives funnel and page builders have taken over this space.

And more are even coming with some pretty AMAZING features you won’t ever find on BuilderAll.Whether you are looking to sell your physical or digital products with a much more sophisticated landing page or sales funnel builder. There are plenty of options on the land.

In fact. A lot!

There are a few features that earn BuilderAll its place as one of the top sales funnel platforms on our list. The first thing that we notice is that, unlike some other sales funnel platforms, BuilderAll offers web hosting as well. This way you will save a good amount of money, while still having the option to host your own domain and build brand awareness through it.

One of the things that the BuilderAll platform focuses on the most is speed as well as mobile optimization, and that shows that it is carefully following the upcoming trends.

Yes, we were not joking when we said that BuilderAll is an all-inclusive platform. Apart from a variety of sales funnel tools, it offers email marketing and video tools, webinars, analytic and social tools, SEO methods, as well as a platform that will work great if you are running an online course service.

While BuilderAll might seem like the best alternative to ClickFunnels given its low price and a number of different features, there are still a few alternatives for people who are not satisfied with its a glitchy interface.

Main Competitors

InterFunnels - Your Way To Go

Out of all the options, we see InterFunnels as the highest competitor. To start off, similar to ClickFunnels and BuilderAll, this platform works both as a marketing and sales funnel builder, and offers you the option of creating landing and sales pages, as well as opt-in forms, and webinars. There are a few major benefits that it holds.

Firstly, due to the fact that InterFunnels is currently in its launch phase, you will not have to worry about the potential costs adding up in the future. What do we mean? What you pay as a first fee will remain the same, and you will not have to worry about the price changing in the upcoming months/years.

Another thing that makes it stand out is the fact that InterFunnels allows excellent integration between the platform and other websites, providers, and membership sites.

Unlike BuilderAll that has problems integrating with membership sites or your existing website, InterFunnels will allow you to do so using a variety of different plugins. That alone will make the process of building attractive landing pages and funnels much easier.

Probably the biggest advantage that this platform has is the fact that you are able to clone a successful funnel into 5 or 10 new ones. InterFunnels allows multiple funnels under a single login, which means that you will be able to create landing pages, sales pages, opt-in forms on multiple funnels using only one platform.

On top of all that, InterFunnel doesn’t stand only as a website builder – on the contrary, you will have a variety of other options such as growing your email list, including third-party plugins, and even receiving and creating payment systems.

Most platforms try to make their offer attractive through a variety of templates that are available for use. InterFunnels does the same and already has hundreds of different templates that can suit your business idea.

Keep in mind that more is to come after the first launched version. Not to forget, creating a high-quality funnel or sales page is achievable much faster than with other platforms because you don't have to write or design anything. It will take just one click on the relevant element and you will be able to create and customize the content according to your idea.

If you decide to opt for InterFunnel once the launch date comes, you will pay just less than $70 for 3 months of use, and that is a huge difference compared to the starting price $97 per month that ClickFunnels ask for.

While there are certain cons, InterFunnels seems to carry huge potential, given the fact that it is cheap, easy to use, and offers a variety of different tools that can help you create the perfect funnel.


WiX is an excellent choice if you are looking for a website building platform that is free and offers a variety of design and marketing tools.

Firstly, WiX comes with over 500 hundred different templates that might fit your landing page or sales page idea, and a top-grade hosting service. It is one of the best platforms to build your website on.

You can use it as a marketing platform for your products, courses, and services. WiX does offer paid packages which are all reasonable and offer better features. But the fact that it is free makes it easy for students and small startups to stay competitive and achieve a high-quality online presence.


Squarespace is another good choice if you are looking for a platform that will allow you to create a high-quality website without breaking your budget.

The so-called Personal package stands at $12 per month, while the Business option is $18 per month, which is still more affordable both for an individual entrepreneur as well as a start-up company.

This platform includes HTML and CSS templates that are attractive and mobile responsive, created by experienced web designers. It also allows features such as video backgrounds, template switching, custom CSS, built-in mobile websites, as well as free Google fonts.


The Weebly building platform has existed for over a decade and millions of new users are satisfied each and every year with the available service. What is so good about Weebly is that it features a variety of sales funnel tools like a drag-and-drop page builder that will allow you to build attractive landing and sales pages and improve your online presence.

Apart from that, Weebly-built websites are mobile responsive and you will be able to integrate it with other platforms and providers such as email lists, membership sites, and other funnel domains.

Last but not least, it is affordable, and if you decide to go for an annual package, the price of the Business package will be only $25 per month with a free domain and $100 credit of Google ads included!

There is no doubt that BuilderAll is a platform with amazing potential to succeed ClickFunnels. Choosing the best BuiderAll alternative for your online business and marketing efforts can seem like a daunting task. But I think we've helped you identify what's best for your needs and what's not!

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