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Builderall and Clickbank

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

After Amazon Clickbank is probably the best-known program for affiliates. They are very popular with Internet Marketing affiliates and have many products for their niche.

They are similar in product types to JV Zoo another affiliate marketplace.

Making money online has become a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs all over the world, but with so many different options and proposals, sometimes it proves hard not to fall into scams or deals that are just not as good as first thought.

Your money and time could be wasted.

However, there are many ways to succeed and today I am here to tell you about one of the best ones I’ve come across yet: Clickbank.

If you are interested in promoting Clickbank products as affiliate marketing then you need only two features from Builderall.

  1. Landing page builder

  2. Autoresponder

Using Landing page/Squeeze page builder and Autoresponder you can make most out of Affiliate marketing campaign.

Is Clickbank safe to use?

ClickBank represents primarily digital or downloadable products. These typically have high-percentage payouts to affiliates. The commissions average around 50%. You do need to be careful and closely vet all products.

There are some great products, some good products, and many crap products. You need to be sure the product and the promotional methods are appropriate for your audience.

ClickBank is big!

ClickBank is involved in over 30,000 sales daily on their marketplace. The total number of registered users is over 6 million.

ClickBank brings together all of the parties in an affiliate sales-flow...

  • Content Creator – Lists their products for affiliates to select for their campaigns

  • Affiliate – Finds products to present to their audience

  • Buyer — Uses ClickBanks checkout system to make the purchase

  • Joint Venture Participants – ClickBank lets you have multiple parties on your affiliate team. Perhaps a developer and marketer get together and create and market a product. ClickBank lets you set this up easily.

Why Clickbank?

ClickBank is not the exclusive marketplace for digital products. So why should you consider them?

  • Products for all Niches: There are thousands of products for all niches.

  • High commissions: Many products pay 70% — most at least 50%

  • Easy approval: Many affiliates want to see traffic, a website, a history in the industry. ClickBank approves all.

  • International friendly: They are very flexible with payment options including Payoneer for international affiliates.

  • Quick Payments For those using paid traffic this is critical. If you had to wait 30-60 days like many affiliate programs, you would need to have the cash-flow to pay for the ads and wait for the commission.

  • A Place to Analyze Marketing Tactics: One thing about ClickBank is that they have some very effective affiliates and marketers. You can learn a lot by analyzing how they create funnels.

ClickBank has their own vocabulary that is handy to know. Here are the ClickBank terms you will see as you evaluate products in the ClickBank marketplace…

How much does it cost to join ClickBank?

Nothing. As an affiliate ClickBank is free to join.

If you plan to sell products as a ClickBank Vendor, you do need to pay to enroll. There is a $49.00 charge but they do not take the payment until your first product is approved. If you want an additional account it is $29.95. 

ClickBank - Payment Methods

ClickBank is very flexible with their payment options.

  • Paper Check – This is the default option – they mail a check to you.

  • Direct Deposit – Money is directly deposited into your account. This is the cheapest and fastest.

  • Payoneer – Payoneer is often used by international affiliates.

  • Wire Transfer – Mainly for countries not supported by international direct deposit.

If you have just started using Builderall and want to figure out the best method for promoting ClickBank products, then check the below video for some excellent tips.

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