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Bloktopia is one of the few immersive technology companies to have released a Metaverse platform that is open to the general public. While firms like Meta Platforms Inc. and Microsoft are still in the early stages of development, demand for Bloktopia's blockchain-based VR environment and cryptocurrency token BLOK is growing.

The platform has a novel premise: it is envisioned as a 21-story building, acknowledging that Satoshi Nakamoto's original whitepaper states that only 21 million Bitcoins can ever be mined.

According to ReportsAndData, the Metaverse will be worth $872.35 billion by 2028, and early movers like Bloktopia, which is one of the top metaverse platforms for 2022, have led the charge.


Bloktopia is a Metaverse platform built in the shape of a 21-story building, where users can buy specific sections from the floorplan using the platform's cryptocurrency token, BLOK.

There is a hard cap on Bitcoin supplies of up to 21 million, according to Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin mining is limited beyond that point by an algorithm in its source code, making it a scarce commodity with a real-world value. Bloktopia, likewise, has limited real estate and just 21 floors or levels, making it desirable to investors and consumers interested in purchasing its money.

Bloktopia is a decentralised Ethereum scaling platform that developers may use to create decentralised programmes, or dApps. It is powered by the Polygon Network, a major blockchain consortium. Bloktopia, like all other Metaverse platforms, is essentially a collection of Polygon-based dApps built on Ethereum.


While the majority of Bloktopia's capabilities are still in development, a few significant elements have already been released:

  • Reblok - In Bloktopia, Rebloks are virtual real estate purchases. These transactions enable everyone in the world to own a piece of Bloktopia's reality and invest in it in the future.

  • JOBE (Joint Owned Bloktopia Enterprise) — JOBEs are comparable to initial public offerings in that they allow a small number of early investors to participate in a Reblok. Every month, the platform hosts various JOBEs, with JOBE #37 and #38 now open to users. Each JOBE will consist of a particular number of lots on a floor and will be available for purchase for a set amount of cryptocurrency tokens. Users can also buy a portion of a JOBE, just like they can with any other cryptocurrency.

  • Staking pools - A staking pool is a way for numerous blockchain shareholders to pool their resources and raise the likelihood of an asset's profitability. Users can join one of many staking pools offered by Bloktopia, which mature after 90, 180, or 360 days and allow players to split earnings earned during that time.

  • BLOK - BLOK is the Metaverse platform's basic cryptocurrency token that powers all operations. One BLOK was worth around $0.019935 on February 14, making it one of the more cheap tokens on the market.

  • Land sale portal - The platform is planning to establish a dedicated portal for VR land sales in the near future. One can navigate the platform's various levels, study floor plans, assess the pricing and profitability of various parcels, and make an investment. Real estate becomes more expensive as one ascends the floors, just like it does in the real world.

  • Blokpad - Blokpad is a place where new Bloktopia users, known as Bloktopians, can get started. Users can choose between two alternatives – VIP or Essential – and use this gateway to browse the environment fast.


Users must first register a digital wallet linked to their email or social media account in order to access the Metaverse platform. The wallet stores BLOKs earned or purchased, as well as information on digital assets like as NFTs. When creating avatars, navigating stages, and playing games, it also serves as a passport.

Users can do the following on the Bloktopia platform:

All users will have access to level 1, which will include a help desk, a navigation area, and retail establishments.

Play games — While gaming is available throughout Bloktopia, the top floor, Level 21, is dedicated to gaming. From family-friendly activities to monetization-ready poker and gambling, there will be something for everyone.

Attend events - There is an auditorium on the platform for immersive and interactive presentations. For attending sponsored events, users can receive BLOKs as a reward.

Create their Reblok - Users can use the Bloktopia SDK or content from the Bloktopia marketplace to create their VR property.

People can sell or lease their property to prospective customers for one-time events or on a long-term basis. A blockchain-based voting and decision-making mechanism is used to sell or lease shared property.

Users and businesses can purchase virtual ad space on Bloktopia, known as ADBLOK.


This year, the cryptocurrency metaverses Sandbox, Mana, Decentraland, ceek VR, Theta, and Axis have already made 100x to 55000 percent profit. The Bloktopia cryptoverse coin is extremely undervalued and may be purchased for a very low price.

BLOK Bloktopia is a cryptocurrency with a lot of potential. On the Bloktopia metaverse virtual world, Binance, Kucoin, enjin, mando, syscoin, poly punk, Elorond EGLD, Solana, Binance NFT, Cointelegraph, Coinmarketcap, and Dextool have already purchased virtual territories.

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