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Best hosting with free ssl

Hosting companies that give offer you (or your website – whichever you prefer) free SSL certificates for as many sites that you’re hosting with them – irrespective of the hosting plan that you opt for.

Looking back, this is really a serious development – and huge leap towards making sites more trust inspiring and secure; a reality that many would have doubted about 5 – 10 years back.

However, here we are today with hosting companies ready to offer you, free SSL certificates on any number of websites or blogs hosted with them, no matter the plan bought.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Without much ado, let’s share these hosting providers and avail you the opportunity to sign up with them and experience the power of a secured website.

Before we bare the list however, what is so special about hosting companies that offer free SSL certificates?

We’ll answer. Immediately.

What Is So SPECIAL About Hosting Companies That Offer Free SSL Certificates?

A lot. However, we’re going to be very brief and focus on the very essentials – as concerns you or affects you directly as a web hosting customer.

First, hosting companies that offer free SSL are pro their customers.

This is evidenced by the fact that they even offer this value added service (at no extra cost) in the first place.

We have found a certain correlation with the provision of this service and an overall awesome customer service experience for clients.

In summary thus, hosting providers that offer free SSL certificates to their customers, we found out, are generally more customer friendly and are better concerned about the welfare of their clients and their sites than hosting providers that offer no such service.

Second, hosting companies that offer free SSL certificates to their clients are generally pro security.

Accordingly thus, you are assured of the highest security when you host with them even as the threats of insecurity online takes a terrible dimension.

Third and finally, hosting companies that are smart and magnanimous enough to ensure that you are protected with an SSL certificate are generally experts at keeping your site safe.

However, with these hosting companies, should anything happen, you are assured that the company will delve right into it and figure it out for you before any further damage is registered.

That is, if you are ever unfortunate to suffer such a fate.

The chances, in the real world (when you’re covered by such awesome hosts) is real slim – to non existent anyway.

Why The Concept Of Free SSL Certificates? Enter Let’s Encrypt 

Before now, no one in the world offered anyone free SSL certificates: if you wanted your site to have one, there was only one way – to pay for it.

However, today, we’re here talking about not just a single hosting company but about four that offer free SSLs to their clients.

How did they come about this? What’s the ‘trick’ behind this obvious magnanimity?

It’s simple: there’s a principal and very important actor behind this project called Let’s Encrypt.

Let’s Encrypt is a free and completely automated open certificate authority that is made free and powered the non-profit organization, the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG).

This organization provides two types of certificates: the standard single domain SSL and the new Wildcard SSL which by its nature, is programmed to cover not just a single domain but all its sub-domains.

Both certificate types are issued and valid for a period of 90 days afters which renewal needs to take place in order to continue using them.

However, on all the hosting companies mentioned here, this process is automated; meaning that the certificates renew by themselves when they expire.

These certificates, it is very important to note, are domain validated, don’t require a dedicated IP address and usually, are supported on all hosting plans of the hosting provider you choose to host with.

Now that we’ve shown you the awesomeness of making certain that your site is hosted with a company that provides awesome security via SSL and importantly, shown you the origin of the concept of free SSL, let’s now proceed to the main task of the day.

Let the show begin!

The Top 4 Best Hosting Companies That Offer Free SSL Certificates

1. A2 Hosting

A2 hosting is one of the most renowned hosting providers in the entire world.

Hinging its appeal on speed and working hard to ensure that it actually (acquired and) maintains the title of the fastest web hosting company in the world, A2 works truly hard to maintain this status.

However, the appeal of A2 is not hinged on speed alone: it is all-round.

For instance, the company does not limit space and bandwidth for its users, does not charge for migration from other hosting companies and importantly, is specially optimized for WordPress – the most popular CMS in the world.

Personally though, we are in love with the support the company offers: 24/7/365 – and love the fact that any time money back guarantee is offered.

In our experience, companies that offer such guarantees are dead certain of what they are offering and are not afraid of losing out by way of clients demanding back their money when they discover that the product is not what is advertised.

You’re dead certain of getting an awesome deal with A2 hosting, if you decide to go with the company. However, this is our opinion – an opinion which we understand you may (or may not) agree with. Keep reading and we’ll tell you exactly what makes A2 hosting awesome and importantly, why you should trust the company with your site.

Why Should You Trust A2 With Your Site?

Talk, they say, is cheap. We agree – 101%. So, instead of talking, non-stop, let us show you practically why you should trust A2 with your site. Here:

  • A2 hosting company is the fastest hosting company on the planet, rendering sites hosted on their servers 20 times faster than the competition, thanks to their turbo servers. A fast site is a plus for search engines (better rankings) and a plus in UX by means of fast loading. Either way, you gain, big time.

  • A2 hosting has anytime money back guarantee. In our experience, only the best hosting companies offer this. You thus have nothing to lose by giving the company a try.

  • The support this company offers is awesome: chat, phone and the ticket system are managed with the utmost professionalism. You can confirm this yourself. Directly. Now.

  • Free transfers from an existing hosting company. This is a service that many companies actually charge for.

  • Finally, let’s not forget the reality of a free SSL certificate. This is really the icing on the cake

2. SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround Hosting has consistently been ranked the very best hosting provider in the world.

These rankings, it must be noted, are not polled out on the SiteGround website or any other platform controlled by this hosting provider.

Instead, these ratings and rankings are from real users, who have tested the service and are comfortable leaving a five star rating on an independent platform as a way of showing their love and support for the company.

These reviews, it is to be understood further, are not forced on these users neither is there any pecuniary  incentive to carry them out: they are the grateful rendering of equally grateful hearts.

However, we love SiteGround not because it simply offers free SSL to its ever increasing customer base; rather we’re in love with the company with the way it balances speed, customer service, innovation and security all in one piece; in a manner that the client wins in every conceivable way.

This is what inspired us to move this website to Site Ground Hosting and the results have been super impressive and awesomely superlative – to say the least.

Here, we have come to understand the true meaning of the word support in a manner that other hosting companies we have had either the privilege or misfortune of hosting with would only imagine.

Here too, security has been redefined: the company is always on the proactive, ensuring that sites hosted with them are safe, ensuring that you actually get the latest software and to truly crown it up, the company makes certain that your sites are as fast as you’ll permit them to be.

To makes this possible, the SG Optimizer plugin is deployed – and made free across all users. This plugin, to further show the generosity of the company, is freely available in the WP Plugin Repository.

Now, how else does a hosting company seeks to make its clientele truly number 1?

Why Should You Trust SiteGround With Your Site?

As a hosting company that has been severally voted as the number one in the entire world and one of the very first to ensure that customers are truly treated like kings and queens (by way of service), there is much to love from this company.

However, as it’s usual, our job is to show you why you should trust SiteGround with your site. Yours is to take a look at our reasons carefully and decide what is best for you in the circumstance. Let’s fire:

  • SiteGround has been voted severally by many independent review companies (where users actually vote) as the best hosting company in the entire world.

  • The company is pro-clients. To this effect, it was the very first hosting company that saw to it that client queries were sorted out in less than 10 minutes, no matter the channel deployed.

  • SiteGround is also pro security. The company deploys the latest software, threat mitigation approaches and importantly, ensures that the software powering sites on their platform is kept all clean and up to date. This is rare in the hosting world.

  • SiteGround is one of the very few hosting companies recommended by WordPress itself. What does this tell you?

  • Finally, we must not forget that the company also offers free SSL certificates for all account types, in whatever quantity a client needs.

Usually, things are not adjudged the very best for nothing.

In this case, the company has been so adjudged not by individuals or firms that may be interested in it but by clients who are actual customers and know the company in and out.

3. BlueHost Hosting

Blue Host is our very third option when we mention the smartest web hosting options today that provide free SSL to their clients.

Founded in 2003, Blue Host has grown over the years to be an authority in the web hosting business and is always mentioned amongst the top 5 hosting companies of all time by every serious ranking – provided such a ranking is objective.

This is evidenced in the fact that more that 2 million clients trust the company to host their sites and as a matter of fact, rely on the power of Blue Host servers to remain online to do their own thing.

These persons are not ordinary folks who are confused: they are professionals who have hosted for more than 10 years, industry leaders and professional bloggers who know the details of the hosting world like the back of their palms.

However, our love of the Blue Host brand does not just stop at the endorsement of powerful online figures or the reality that the company is old and has been in business for such a long time that it ought to know what it is doing.

Rather, aside the fact that Blue Host offers free SSL certificates to its client base – irrespective of account type or number of certificates, the company is particularly interested in the success of newbies online and would go to great pain to ensure the success of such clients.

For example, Blue Host remains one of the very few companies that still offer free domain names to clients, irrespective of the account type they opt for.

Simply imagine these very important things necessary for coming online: a domain and an SSL certificate all offered free of any cost!

Now, does it ever get better than that?

However, the crowning reason why we sincerely believe that Blue Host deserves a spot on this list is the fact that WordPress officially recommends them!

Now, if the company does not know what it is doing, why would the founders and admins at WordPress (the most popular CMS in the entire world) bother with endorsing them?

You get the gist?

Why Should You Trust BlueHost With Your Site? 

There are many things to like about Blue Host – things that have made us firmly believe in the hosting company’s ability to serve you both in the short and long term.

However, less talking, more proof. The very first shot:

  • Blue Host offers you a free domain name, irrespective of the hosting type you have purchased. This cuts off the domain name charge from your overall bill payable thereby ensuring that you actively save more. This is a company that has your interest at heart.

  • This company has been officially endorsed by WordPress – the creators of the largest Content Management System (CMS) in the world. This in itself, speaks volumes.

  • Blue Host is very beginner friendly. With resources such as Blue Spark, the company is one of the very few in the industry that understand that every one, at one point in time was a beginner. If you are not yet a pro at how the online world works, this should truly interest you.

  • Finally, Blue Host offers you a free SSL, to the tune you desire – at no extra charge, irrespective of your account type. Do we need to explain this?

Very few hosting companies today are more newbie friendly than Blue Host, offer free SSL certificates and to top it off, also ensure that clients get a free domain name on signup and awesome support after.

4. Liquid Web Hosting

There is nothing more luxurious and pleasing as having someone take care of your website as if it is a fragile, little baby.

Fortunately, this is what Liquid Web Hosting offers. Called managed web hosting in professional circles, this sort of hosting solution is truly ‘luxurious’ and beginner friendly in the best possible way.

Fortunately (again), Liquid Web is the only option here that is of the managed hosting variant.

Now, if you don’t understand what it means when we say that a host offers fully managed services, it’s quite simple.

The hosting company, in a fully manged hosting situation, takes off the burden of website maintenance off your shoulders as a client and makes it it’s duty to practically run and maintain your site for you so that you can focus on what truly matters: content and its promotion.

In this capacity, a hosting company updates your software, tunes your site to the newest compatible PHP versions, ensures that you are adequately protected from the latest cyber threats and most importantly, carries out all tasks that are critical to your site being online in a healthy manner.

This, if you ask us, is the definition of being a true king or queen online – or if you prefer, the reality of having your web host carry out tasks that ordinarily, your VA or PA would be charged with.

For Liquid Web however, this is just the beginning of its attraction.

Personally, for us, we are impressed with the fact that the company offers a 100% uptime guarantee – a feat that almost no other hosting company in the world dares attempt.

The implication of this, why obvious, is worth repeating clearly, slowly and again: hosting with Liquid Web means no down time whatsoever!

Given the fact that website down time causes no good and instead, brings all that is evil and undesirable (such as loss of clients and ranking, poor UX etc); we have no choice but to take this hosting provider very seriously and keep it on our watch list.

Guess what?

The 100% uptime guarantee that we initially suspected was a hoax or simply, a marketing trick is actually what is obtainable when you host with the company.

In other words, it is true and official: no downtimes whatsoever when you host with the company.

This conclusion, it is worthy of note, took us a whole calendar year to arrive at – just to be certain.

Now, isn’t such a company worth a try?

Why Should You Trust Liquid Web With Your Site?

There are many reasons why you should trust your site with Liquid Web.

However, we’ll simply focus on the most important and the glaringly basic. Here, our shots:

  • Liquid Web offers fully managed hosting solutions. This is not something to play with especially if you’re new to the web hosting industry and use a dynamic CMS like WordPress. With this offer however, you can actually sleep with 2 eyes fully closed, knowing fully well that someone has your back.

  • This company offers a super impressive 100% uptime guarantee. This is truly rare – and rarely heard of in the world of hosting. Here, you don’t need to bother about downtimes as they sincerely don’t exist.

  • Support at Liquid Web have been taken to the next level with a response, traditionally got within the first 59 seconds! Now, very few companies compare to this. Fewer still can lay claim to beating this.

  • Finally, the free SSL certificate for every plan – no matter the number needed. This, we hold, remains the icing on the cake!

We have always marveled at the power of managed hosting and how with it, you can get more done with the free time being exonerated from a website’s maintenance ensure.

Now, all that power and time can also be yours, plus a 100% uptime guarantee and importantly, a free SSL certificate if you sign up for Liquid Web Hosting now.

Or, don’t you love power, luxury or the sheer ability to do more because of more free time on your hands?

Now that we’re done with the 4 best hosting companies that offer free SSL certificates to their clients and importantly, why you should consider hosting your site with them, let’s now take a look at some issues that are related to the SSL reality and clear them up.

Shall we?

What Is An SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate is a small data file that binds a cryptographic key to an entity’s details in a digital manner.

When such a certificate is installed on a web server, it visibly activates the padlock sign (or logo) and the hitherto http protocol changes to ‘https’ – allowing secure connections from the web server (that hosts such a site) to any web browser the sites files are demanded from.

An SSL certificate primarily secures logins, data transfer and importantly, credit card transactions.

When an SSL certificate is successfully installed on a server, the application protocol changes from the regular ‘http’ to ‘https’ where the ‘s’ stands for ‘secure’.

Why Do You Need An SSL Certificate?

From the definition of what an SSL certificate is, there are a million and one reasons why you need one for your site.

There are also a million and one reasons why you need to ‘upgrade’ the default application protocol of your site from ‘http’ to ‘https’.

However, today, we’ll focus only on the most important reasons why you need an SSL certificate.

So, what are these reasons?

First, an SSL certificate serves an a ‘barrier’ to would be hackers or snipers of sensitive information. Accordingly thus, if you’re interested in keeping your logins, signups, credit card transactions and all that is done on your site hidden from the wrong hands, an SSL certificate is a must.

Secondly, because of its inherent security function, an SSL certificate inspires trust and makes certain the conversions go up. The green bar and the padlock are always an inspiration for persons who want to sign up on your site or shop. Without it, conversion itself becomes a real pain in the neck.

Third and finally, the https protocol that an SSL certificate ensures is now officially a ranking factor for Google. The search giant takes this very serious and actually ranks sites that don’t comply lower besides making certain that their browser, Chrome (which is one of the most famous today) clearly shows visitors to sites that are not hooked up to the SSL reality that such sites are not secured!

Now, that you’ve seen why you need an SSL certificate, let’s turn our attention to which of these hosting companies will serve you best (just in case you’re confused or over-whelmed).

Which Of These Companies Offering Free SSL Certificates Is Best For You (In Case You’re A Bit Confused Or Overwhelmed)

Too much of a good thing is never anything bad.

However, sometimes, you can be over-whelmed – especially when you’re presented with many awesome options (and can’t pick them all up).

If this is the case with the 4 options we’ve shared here, we’ll make the work easier for you.

Just trust us. We know what these 4 hosting companies are especially good and their strength will also mean your very own strength in this context.

Let’s fire!

1. If Speed Is Very Important To You…

Simply go with A2 Hosting.

With the company’s turbo charged servers, your site is guaranteed to load at least 20x faster than the competition!

So, if your site must load amazingly fast, there is no better option than signing up with A2 Hosting right away.

2. If You Want A Slice Of All The Metrics…

Now, not every one is a speed freak or is desirous of ensuring that his/her site loads like a rocket!

Some persons would rather have a site that balances things up in the nicest possible combinations.

If this is you, then, nothing will beat signing up with SiteGround Hosting.

The company has a balance that we’ll adjudge fair: a balance on security, speed and customer service.

Do not expect the speed to match that of A2 though; however, we’re certain that you’ll be pleased with the balance you’ll get there, if you’re that type of webmaster.

Wanna get a fair piece of all the metrics? SiteGround hosting is the way you should go.

3. If You’re A Beginner Who’s Working On A Tight Budget…

We were all at one point or the other, bloody beginners to the world of sites and hosting!

Often too, many of us had no money (or very little of it).

In such a tight corner, we mastered all the options that gave us an advantage by way of a discount, freebie or generally, lower pricing.

If this is you at the moment, kindly waste no time: sign up with BlueHost Hosting immediately.

With the company officially pro newbie and offering free domain names for signups, you are guaranteed to both feel at home and also save some bucks in the process.

If you’re completely new to the hosting world or WordPress, BlueHost’s guide such as Blue Spark will ultimately light the way.

Enough of small talk: if you’re new online and on a budget, kindly sign up for BlueHost immediately – it’s your best bet!

4. If You’ll Love Someone To Manage Your Site For You While You Do Better Things With Your Time…

Truth be told: many of us would rather do something else (and better) with our time than ‘waste’ it on the management of a site.

The routine back up, the keeping up with software etc is tiring and monotonous at best.

However, the sad part is that, if you’re not experienced, breaking something that will compromise your site is just a second away!

If you don’t want that to happen – or are too busy to attend directly to your site, there is always a smart option: getting someone else to do it for you via a fully managed hosting solution.

For us here, the best option that offers free SSL certificates remain Liquid Web Hosting.

Why don’t you check it out and use the free time to do what really matters to the ultimate progress of your website?

Wrap Up

Here, you have, for the very first time ever, the most detailed and most comprehensive piece on hosting companies that offer free SSL certificates ever written or published online.

However, knowledge without a practical application simply remains what it is: bare knowledge – and not power.

With this knowledge, you have the potential of power: the potential to make your site both secured and more compliant with the demands of 21st century.

How you use this power, is however, entirely up to you…would you turn it into power, go out and excel with your site or will you read, close down the page and deceive yourself that mere reading and absorption equals power?

Take care – and be certain to make the right choice!

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