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Best hosting low cost

Finding a high-quality cheap web hosting provider isn’t easy. Every website will have different requirements from a host. Plus, you have to compare all the features of a hosting company, all while looking for the best deal possible.

This can be a lot to sort through, especially if this is your first time purchasing hosting, or building a website.

Most hosts will offer super cheap introductory pricing, only to raise those rates 2 or 3 times higher once your initial contact is up. Some hosts will provide free bonuses when you sign up, such as a free domain name, or a free SSL certificate.

While some hosts will be able to offer better performance and high levels of security.

Below we dive deep into the best cheap web hosting plans out there. You’ll learn what core hosting features are essential in a host and how to assess your own hosting needs so that you can choose from one of the best cheap hosting providers below.

What to Look for in a Cheap Host

Finding high-quality web hosting doesn’t have to break the bank. The competitiveness of today’s hosting market has helped to drive down hosting plan prices across the board.

But, not all cheap hosts are created equal. Some will provide better features, performance, and overall security.

There are a myriad of different things you’ll want to look for when choosing a cheap hosting provider. Still, some considerations you’ll want to think about include the level of server resources you require, along with the level of control you want over your server.

Most often, if you’re looking for a cheap web host, your hosting needs will be minimum. Chances are you won’t be looking for dedicated servers or VPS. This will be one of your first websites, and you’re looking for the smallest possible investment to get your site going.

Regardless of your hosting needs, here are a few features you’ll want your cheap host to have:

  • They allow you to install WordPress and other blogging platforms with a one-click installation

  • The starter plan includes a free domain name or very cheap domains

  • Website email accounts are included

  • The plan is equipped with basic security features to keep your site and server safe

  • It’s equipped with enough bandwidth and storage to support a small website and get you through the initial stages of your site’s growth

Is Cheap Hosting Right For You? An Inside Look

When you’re just starting a new blog, have very basic website needs, or have a low traffic site, then cheap and basic web hosting plans can be a great option. These plans usually only cost a couple of bucks per month and will have everything required to support your site.

Cheap web hosting can come in a variety of different styles. But, the most common will probably be shared hosting. With shared hosting, you’re splitting the cost of the physical server with hundreds of other users. Which is how costs are so low. The total number of accounts on the server will depend on the hosting provider you’re using.

Shared hosting can be great for a variety of different reasons:

  • Costs can be very low, so you can get started with virtually no money down

  • Your hosting plan will come equipped with everything you need to start and grow your site

  • It’s built for beginners, so setting up your site and server is incredibly easy

  • The server resources are enough to support your site into the medium growth phase

Cheap web hosting is usually best for the following types of sites:

  • Bloggers. Bloggers usually have lower traffic and simpler site needs, at least in the beginning. Plus, easy WordPress installation makes this a no brainer.

  • Small business owners. Most small businesses only require a pretty simple site that’ll rank for local terms and give them a local online presence.

  • Simple site builders. Sites with low traffic or only a few pages will require less resources from a host.

  • Side projects. Don’t know if your new project will be a success? Start small with a cheap hosting plan.

The Best Cheap Web Hosting of 2020

Now that you’re well equipped in common hosting terminology and have a roadmap of features to look for, it’s time to dive into the best cheap hosting plans on the market today. Here are the top 10 cheapest web hosts of 2019:

1. Bluehost

Bluehost the most popular hosts in the world, and they currently host over 2 million websites. You’ll see them frequently recommended by popular bloggers and website owners the world over! Granted, they’re not the cheapest, but in terms of what you get for your money, they’re the best.

They have industry-leading uptime, so your site will virtually never be offline when you need it. You’ll also find breakneck loading speeds as well, so your visitors will never be waiting for your site to load.

Beyond the high levels of performance, you’ll also get access to their support team 24/7/365.

Also included with the cheap shared hosting plan is a free domain name for your first year of service, along with one-click installs for a variety of different website builders, tools, including the ever-popular WordPress.

Currently, the cheapest shared hosting plan will cost $2.95 per month – that’s just 0.09¢ per day! But, to lock in this rate, you will need to commit to a 36-month plan. If you want to sign up for a less lengthy plan, then your monthly rate will be $4.95/month for a 24-month plan, or $5.95/mo for a one-year plan.

The cheap shared starter plan will also come equipped with a free SSL certificate, along with support for up to 5 email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, and 50GB of storage space.


  • Your website will load very quickly and rarely (if ever) be offline

  • Free domain name when you purchase a hosting plan. Choose from a range of top level domain extensions such as .com .space .org .tech .online and many more.

  • You get plenty of extras included with your plan like a free SSL certificate, unmetered bandwidth, and integrated security features

  • The host is officially recommended by WordPress and you can install WordPress on your site with a single click

  • The control panel and interface is very easy to use for beginners, from site setup, to managing your hosting account


  • The renewal rate after your initial term does jump in price, plus to lock in that low rate you’ll have to sign up for a longer contract

  • Site migrations from another host aren’t included in the signup price, you’ll have to pay an additional fee

2. Hostgator – Now Just $2.75 p/m

HostGator is one of the most well-known and popular hosting brands across the world today, and for a good reason. HostGator has been in business for nearly 20 years and currently hosts over 10 million websites. That’s a lot of people who trust HostGator with their sites.

Even the basic shared hosting plan will offer you pretty high uptime and a decent level of performance. More than enough for a website that’s just getting off the ground.

The starter shared hosting plan is equipped with unlimited bandwidth and storage, a free domain name for the first year of your service, automated backups, and a free SSL certificate.

Their cheapest plan will currently cost you $2.75 per month, but to lock in this low price, you’ll need to sign up for a 36-month plan.


  • It has consistently high uptime, so your site will almost always be online

  • You’ll get access to a knowledgeable and helpful support team, with super fast response times too

  • There’s an extensive 45-day money back guarantee which gives you plenty of time to test out the service

  • Free migrations from another host are included when you sign up for an account

  • It’s a very beginner friendly host, so it’s very easy to setup your site, install WordPress, or use the bundled website builder


  • It isn’t the fastest host on the block, so site loading speeds may be an issue

  • Your monthly hosting price will increase after your initial contract is up

  • Some added features like improved security, daily backups, and true Gmail integration will cost extra

3. Hostinger

Hostinger is one of the cheapest web hosting companies on the market today. A lot of hosts that offer rates this cheap end up having poor performance are unreliable, provide lousy support, or have other unforeseen issues.

But, Hostinger is the exact opposite. Even with the super low prices, you’ll find very high uptime, super-fast servers, and 24/7 customer support.

The basic shared hosting plan will include server features like support for hosting one website, one email account, unlimited storage, weekly website backups, and 100GB of bandwidth.

If your site outgrows the basic shared hosting plans you’ll find a variety of other forms of hosting available as well, like cloud hosting and VPS hosting.

Currently, the cheapest shared hosting plan will only cost you $0.99 per month, making it the cheapest host on this list.


  • Incredible hosting performance, very high uptime, and super fast loading speeds

  • Some of the cheapest introductory rates out there (get started for less than a dollar per month)

  • You can use the free site migration if you’re a first-time customer

  • The basic servers are optimized for WordPress sites (helping you achieve the highest level of performance)

  • The higher-level shared hosting plan (still very cheap) comes equipped with advanced security features

  • There’s a 30-day money back guarantee for you to test out the service


  • The monthly hosting price will increase after your initial term is up.

  • The cheapest shared hosting plan can only support a single domain (so no way to host multiple websites on the cheap plan)

  • No SSH server access (not necessary for beginner website owners)

4. iPage

iPage has been in business since 1995. But, it didn’t grow into the size and recognition it has today until the Endurance International Group acquired it. The same company that owns hosts like HostGator, Bluehost, and more.

The basic shared starter plan is pretty flexible and will come equipped with unlimited domain names and email addresses. So, you could theoretically host unlimited websites on a single account.

Their hosting plans are built for beginners as well and it’s very easy to setup your website. There’s even a bundled website builder, along with a number of one-click installs to help you install things like WordPress.

There’s also a suite of security tools included in your plan which will keep your website safe from online threats.

iPage offers one of the cheapest starter hosting plans out there, starting at $1.99 per month.


  • You can host an unlimited number of domain names on a single account

  • A free domain name for a year is included when you sign up

  • The onboarding process is very intuitive and beginner-friendly (you can have your site online in no time)

  • You’ll receive a massive discount for your first year of hosting


  • When you renew the monthly hosting price will increase

  • The bundled website builder is limited and can only support sites up to 6 pages

  • There isn’t a free site migration that’s included when you sign up for hosting

  • The datacenters are limited to US sites online

  • The customer support portal is lackluster when compared to other hosts

5. Hostwinds

Hostwinds is an affordable US-based host who places a focus on customer service and overall performance. They’re a relatively young hosting company, founded in 2010, especially compared to other hosting companies on this list.

Their plans all have high reliability and decently fast loading speeds. Not as fast as a few other hosts on this list, but fast enough for getting your new site off the ground.

The starter beginner plan also includes access to the Weebly website builder, support for a single domain, along with unlimited space, bandwidth, and email accounts.

The cheapest plan currently offered by Hostwinds is the basic shared hosting plan, which will run you $3.29 per month.


  • Their plans include a 60-day money back guarantee, which gives you more than enough time to test out the service

  • Their hosting is incredibly reliable with very high uptime, so you site will always be online

  • The support team is very responsive, plus there’s an in-depth knowledgebase for additional website or hosting help


  • It’s data center locations are limited to two US-based locations, so it’s not the best for sites with an international audience

  • SSL certificates aren’t included with your plan, you’ll need to purchase them separately for an additional fee

  • The money back guarantee is generous, but there are certain conditions you’ll need to satisfy to get the refund in full

6. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the fastest shared hosting providers out there. They continually lead the charge in terms of hosting speeds and overall server performance. A lot of hosting companies that are performance focused end up charging a premium for the service, but not A2 Hosting.

The basic shared hosting plan is not only fast, but it’s affordable. The uptime is usually very high, but in recent months it’s been up and down a little bit.

With the basic shared starter plan, you only have the ability to host a single website, so if you need a host that’ll allow you to host more than a single site, then you’ll need to upgrade your plan.

Even with the single site limit, the plan is pretty packed with features, including unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage with SSD servers, a free domain name for a year, a free SSL certificate, a bundled site builder, support for up to 25 different email account, and WordPress one-click installation.

The cheapest hosting plan offered by A2 Hosting will run you $2.96 per month.


  • Incredibly high-performance servers, so expect lightning-fast loading speeds

  • Even the entry-level plans are equipped with every feature required to host and grow your site

  • You can choose between multiple data center locations in the US, Europe, and Asia

  • Every plan is equipped with an anytime money-back guarantee (giving you plenty of time and freedom to test out the service)


  • You can only host a single domain per hosting account, so no room for multiple sites, or side projects

  • The live chat support is helpful and knowledgeable, but the response time can be a little slow

7. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is one of the most popular eco-friendly hosts in the world! They’ve made a name for themselves by putting a focus on the environment. But, even websites and companies that aren’t environmentally-focused can take advantage of the cheap hosting packages offered here.

They don’t offer the fastest loading speeds or uptime when compared to other hosts on the list. But, even though they’re not leading the pack, the levels of uptime and loading speeds are more than enough for a majority of website owners. You’ll also find a 24/7 support team that’s highly responsive and very helpful if you ever run into any issues with your site.

With the cheap shared hosting plan, you’ll also get access to unlimited bandwidth, unlimited SSD storage, support for unlimited email accounts, a free domain name for your first year of service, a free website builder, and a free SSL certificate. That’s a lot of additional features for such a cheap plan.

The cheapest starter plan currently costs $2.95 per month, but to lock in that affordable rate, you will need to commit to a 36-month plan.


  • Very fast server speeds, so your site will load super quickly

  • The host has been in business for a long time and has a roster of satisfied clients

  • Your first year of hosting includes a free domain name

  • If you’re migrating a site over to GreenGeeks, there’s a free migration included

  • They’re an industry-leading green host


  • There’s a price increase after the first billing term

  • There’s a setup fee that’s non-refundable when you setup your account

  • Uptime is typically high, but there have been recent issues

8. SiteGround

SiteGround is a top-rated beginner host that’s commonly chosen for its performance and quality of their support team. When you’re hosting your site with SiteGround, you’ll have very high levels of uptime, plus super-fast loading speeds. They currently rank at the top of the field in both speed and uptime (even on the basic shared hosting plan).

On the starter shared hosting plan you’ll get access to 10GB of disk space, enough bandwidth for up to 10,000 visitors per month, an unlimited number of email addresses, plus integrated security features.

Since SiteGround was founded in Bulgaria they’re better positioned to serve a global audience. For example, they accept a multitude of different currencies, and have a variety of different datacenters, so you can choose the datacenter that’s closest to where your visitors are coming from.

The biggest drawbacks to the starter shared hosting plan are that it can only host a single site up to monthly traffic of 10,000 visitors. This makes it a great plan to start with, but if your site is growing you’ll need to upgrade eventually.

You can currently sign up for the cheapest SiteGround hosting plan for an affordable price of $3.95 per month.


  • Your site will load incredibly quick, and rarely be offline, even on the cheapest plan

  • You’ll always have access to a responsive and helpful support team

  • If you’re migrating a site from another host, you can take advantage of the free migration for one site

  • You’ll get access to a free SSL certificate, along with free access to the Cloudflare CDN

  • There’s one-click install of popular software, including WordPress


  • The low introductory rate only exists for the first term, after that you’ll experience a price jump

  • If you sign up for a monthly plan, then you’ll have to pay a $14.95 setup fee

  • The basic shared hosting plan will probably top out around 10,000 visitors per month, after which you’ll need to upgrade

  • There’s no free domain name included in the starter shared plan

9. Namecheap

Namecheap was founded back in the year 2000 and is mostly known as a domain name registrar. They’re so well known they currently manage over 7 million different domain names!

However, beyond solely operating as a domain name registrar, they also branched out into the hosting space. Offering a variety of hosting plans, including an incredibly cheap shared hosting plan.

The basic shared hosting plan is not only incredibly cheap, but includes daily automated backups, bundled security features, unlimited bandwidth, and the ability to host up to 3 different websites. Basically, you’ll get everything you need to start and grow your site, or even build out an experimental site on the side.

Another great thing about Namecheap hosting is that it’s incredibly easy to setup your hosting account and website.

The basic shared hosting account should be enough if you have a small website, or don’t get that much traffic. But, as your site grows you’ll probably find yourself running into the plan limits.

Currently, you can pick up the cheap starter shared hosting plan for $1.44 per month.


  • Incredibly cheap introductory pricing

  • A wealth of additional features, including regular backups, and security firewalls

  • A 100% uptime guarantee, if your site goes offline you’ll be compensated


  • Short money-back guarantee (only 14 days to test out the service)

  • If you’re site is growing (traffic or size) you’ll probably outgrow the starter plan quickly

  • The support team isn’t incredibly helpful

10. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the most widely used hosting companies in the world. Their large-scale advertisements and popular Super Bowl ads were part of what helped GoDaddy grow in popularity.

The cheapest hosting package they offer, known as the Economy package, will provide you with incredible value for the money. This cheap plan is equipped with features like a free domain name, 100GB of storage space, unlimited bandwidth, plus a free year of Microsoft Office 365 Business Email. This will help you with things like contact management, business email, and more. If you’re currently using the rest of the Microsoft suite of software, then this will sync up nicely.

This hosting plan is also equipped with 24/7 support and a very high server uptime. You’ll also get one-click installation for several different applications, including WordPress.

The only real limit of this cheap plan is the ability to only host a single website. If you want to add another website, then you’ll have to upgrade your server.

You can currently sign up for GoDaddy’s cheapest web hosting plan for $5.99 per month.


  • Even the cheapest hosting plan is pretty high performing

  • The wide selection of hosting plans means you can upgrade plans as your site grows

  • The 24/7 support is very responsive and helpful


  • There are a lot of hidden upsells during the sign up process, so you could end up paying more than you want

  • Things like SSL certificates, site migrations, and backups will all cost an added fee

  • The basic shared hosting plans are missing a lot of features that are common in similarly priced hosts

In Closing: Choosing the Best Host for Your Needs

Just because a host is cheap, that doesn’t mean it’s low-quality. In fact, every host mentioned on the list above is a high-quality host that’ll support your website and give you everything you need.

Almost every website on the internet today is hosted using a shared hosting plan, a high volume of that using the hosting plans highlighted above.

There is no best hosting, but merely the best web host for your needs. This means they offer you high levels of performance, security, and features on a budget that suits your needs.

Usually, it’s the smartest course of action to start with a cheap shared hosting plan and upgrade your site once you require a more powerful hosting plan.

Before you choose the best low-cost web hosting for you, you’ll need to take stock of your needs first. Remember, the best host is the one that suits your needs the best.

Ask yourself the following questions before you move forward with one of the hosts above:

  • What type of website am I building? eCommerce? A blog? A small business site?

  • Does your website require a specific type of software to function? Like Windows apps? Or is a Linux server fine?

  • What is your expected volume of traffic? Now and in the near future?

  • What’s your current budget for website hosting over the first few years of your site’s life?

  • Do you want to use WordPress to build your site? Or a site builder?

  • Is a strong support team important to you?

  • Do you require a unique version of PHP to run your site?

  • Do you want to grow with your host? I.e., upgrade to cloud, VPS, or dedicated hosting in time?

Compare your answers with the features highlighted in the hosting breakdown section above, and you’ll have the perfect hosting solution for your needs!

With the right host behind you, it’s time to start growing your site, building your community, and turning your new website into a thriving business.

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