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What' You're Going To Get...

When you invest in Funnel Builder Secrets Today...


Created by Russell Brunson, Clickfunnels is the tool to use for creating numerous types of funnels for your e-commerce or online business.

You can use Clickfunnels to create the following:

  • Product launch funnel

  • Capture leads funnel

  • Auto-webinar funnel

  • Opt-in funnels

  • Sales Funnels

  • Fishbowl funnel

  • Webinar funnel, etc.

Clickfunnels – touted as the best marketing solution on the internet today – is designed as monthly-subscription software and to access it, you need to be ready to pay a hefty $97 per month.

This price tag has stopped many people from taking advantage of this powerful software for marketing so that they can dominate their niches on the internet.

However, there is good news: you can get a Clickfunnels discount for as low as $19 per month!

You will also gain access to several high-ticket offers which you will be foolish to pass up as these high-value training have been used to rake in millions of dollars online.

There are several ways of getting a Clickfunnels discount; however, these discounted plans are somewhat limiting, and you will not be able to explore the full potential of the marketing software.

For instance, most of the discount plans put stringent limitations on the number of pages users should create, the number of funnels to use, visits, etc. However, there is a much more rewarding way to get a Clickfunnels discount.

If your goal is to create many funnels, then you need to consider getting package deals.

Not only will you get some discount on these deals, but you will also have access to high-ticket training to aid you in your online marketing endeavors.

Clickfunnels $19 Plan

update: Clickfunnels is no longer providing $19/mo plan for shared funnel plan

However, you can still try Clickfunnels For Free With The Link Below

The Secret Packages That Get You a Clickfunnels Discount

There are two packages namely:

  • Funnel Hacks Package

  • Funnel Builder Secrets Package

These high-value packages are the best ways anyone can use to get a massive Clickfunnels discount. There are many benefits associated with obtaining these packages, and one of them is full access to what is known as the Etison Suite.

Funnel Hacks Package – $997 (valued at $9,770)

This is a high-value package that grants you access to high-ticket training at competitive prices. You will get access to the following when you purchase the Funnel Hacks package:

  •  6 Months Etison Suite Account to Clickfunnels – $1,782 value

  •  6 Week Funnel Hack Masterclass – $2,997 value

  • Inception Secrets – $1,997 value

  •  Instant Traffic Hack – $1,997 value

  • SOAP & Seinfeld Email Sequences – $997

If you pay for Funnel Hacks, you will be able to access the Clickfunnels Etison Suite at $167 instead of $297, the normal price.


Funnel Builder Secrets Package – $1,997 to $2,997

Hack 1.PNG

The Funnel Builder Secrets Package can be said to be an extension of the Funnel Hack Package because it is included with it.

You will also get access to the remarkable Traffic Secrets membership as well as the high-ticket Funnel Builder Secrets Training!

The Funnel Builder Secrets (FBS) Training is the single, in-depth, high-ticket training that is much revered in the internet marketing space today.

Irrespective of any other bonuses attached to this purchase, the Funnel Builder Secrets Training alone is more than enough value for your money.

You will learn how to market better as well as how to create and use funnels effectively from the beginning to advanced levels.

The Traffic Secrets Membership gives you the opportunity to learn all the latest ways of getting high-quality, converting traffic to your offers.

This is what you get when you invest in the Funnel Builder Secrets (FBS) Package:

FBS (6 Months of Clickfunnels) – $1,997 (Get Started Now!)

  • 6 Months Enterprise Account to Clickfunnels

  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass

  •  Traffic Secrets Membership

  •  Funnel Builder Secrets Training

  • Unlimited Funnels Bonus

  •  12 Months Access to Funnel Scripts

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, etc.

FBS (12 Months of Clickfunnels) – $2,997 (Best Value)

  • 12 Months Enterprise Account to Clickfunnels

  • Funnel Builder Secrets Training

  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass

  • Traffic Secrets Membership

  • 12 Months Access to Funnel Scripts

  • Unlimited Funnels Bonus

FBS (12Months of Clickfunnels) – $5,997 (Upgrade)

  •  8 ClickStart Coaching Calls ($9,997 value)

  • Funnel Hack Masterclass

  •  12 Months Enterprise Account to Clickfunnels

  • Traffic Secrets Membership

  • Funnel Builder Secrets Training

  • 12 Months Access to Funnel Scripts

  • Unlimited Funnels Bonus

  •  30-Day Money Back Guarantee, etc.

Use the “Secret Plan”

You will come across two options when signing up Clickfunnels:

• Startup account – $97 per month

• Enterprise – $297 per month

Nevertheless, there is a little known “Secret Plan” that you can take advantage of and start paying as low as $37 per month. It is easy, and give you the opportunity to set up pages and create funnels based on your needs.

Step 1 – Sign up Clickfunnels for Free

Of course, it will show you that you are to pay $97 per month to use the service but relax. You are not going to pay anywhere near that amount to use Clickfunnels.

Step 2 – “Cancel” your Clickfunnels account

You can start by navigating to your account, i.e. account ->account billing->cancel my account.

In reality, you are not going to “Cancel” anything; what you are going to do, however, is to cancel your subscription.

Once you attempt to cancel your subscription, three different offers will drop in your lap viz.

Hack 3.PNG

10x Secrets Masterclass:

But 1st, What is a Sales Funnel?

Sales funnels square measure a psychological sequence of steps. With one targeted goal of remodeling your traffic and leads into customers or patrons.

Think about 10x Secrets Masterclass like if it had been a true funnel.However rather than water, you wish to channel individuals during a direction.

This is precisely what happens within the on-line world. Individuals return to your web site.

However nobody goes to shop for your services. However the concept is to convert those that should purchase your product.

So various things ought to happen from the primary moment that somebody enters your funnel to the instant they take a particular action.

Breaking down your customer’s journey into baby sized steps…

You can be a lot of economical than simply asking them to shop for for no reason.

These square measure the fundamental steps on a sales funnel 10x Secrets Masterclass:

  1. A person or lead involves your landing page for the primary time.

  2. You provide one thing unengaged to offer some price. therefore you build trust and you collect his e-mail.

  3. Via email you’ll be able to keep providing him price and building a stronger relationship.

  4. You send this cause take action on a particular order.

  5. Now this a loyal client that trusts you and World Health Organization can keep shopping for a lot of things for you

Hack 3.PNG

Exactly what’sClickfunnels?

Well, Clickfunnels is that the best sales funnels and selling funnels builder that exists on the marketplace.

10x Secrets Masterclass, ClickFunnels stands out over its competitors. As a result of it provides you everything you actually got to market and sell. Also deliver your product on-line.

A sales funnel is sometimes associate degree choose in page wherever you collect associate degree email.

Then you’ll be able to follow up with Clickfunnels email autoresponder.

You can additionally add a sales page along with your offers associate degreed an order bump to upsell.

Also you’ll be able to produce a membership website at the tip of the funnel during a simple manner..

Before Clickfunnels… 10x Secrets Masterclass you’d ought to use completely different platforms and code to accomplish a similar effect:

  • Hire a developer to make your web site

  • Pay for a hosting service

  • Buy a monthly autoresponder suscription.

  • Use a 3rd party membrship website builder.

  • Search for A/B split-testing tools… and far a lot of.

However in ClickFunnels you’ll be able to have all those things in one and during a simple manner for 10x Secrets Masterclass.

You’re not simply saving plenty of cash for not having to buy all the various product needed to urge an internet business in situ.

Also you’re not defrayal days (if not weeks) in energy and stress to work out a way to discovered all those things together.

In alternative words, you don’t got to worry concerning any technical stuff for the remainder of your life.

You simply bring individuals to sales funnel, and also the rest is profit.

Best Features Inside

Easy And Fast Page Creation.

A 10x Secrets Masterclass is essentially a set of web content during a logical price and psychological order.

The goal of a sales funnel is to convert any individual that arrives to the funnel into a client.

A normal web site is simply a set of random pages with no goal.

10x Secrets Masterclass is made for business homeowners and marketers and also the costs go from $97 to $297 per month the traditional plans. There square measure discounts $19-$37 and Special Bonuses.

So the editor is incredibly simple to use.

You just got to drag and drop all the completely different parts you discover and add the text within the different areas.

The great news here is that you simply don’t got to code anything!

Clickfunnels simply makes your life easier. It helps you focus your attention in your selling rather than the technical stuff.

The Actionetics & Email Integrations

When individuals produce funnels. Their next step is to search out an honest email autoresponder.

For that reason ClickFunnels supports e-mail integration with an oversized range of common autoresponders.

10x Secrets Masterclass:

  • Convertkit.

  • Constant Contact.

  • Active Campaign

  • Aweber.

  • GetResponse.

  • Hubspot.

  • Mad Mimi.

  • Infusionsoft.

  • Ontraport.

  • Mailchimp.

  • And alternative ones…

But the nice new is that Clickfunnels has its own email selling autoresponder: Actionetics.

I know that you simply will produce, schedule and provide emails in any e-mail selling answer out there. However Actionetics is over that.

The best factor concerning Clickfunnels autoresponder is that it doesn’t focuses solely on e-mail advertising. Another sensible factor concerning Clickfunnels is that has a tremendous Associate Program.

Actionetics additionally covers traveler advertising and SMS advertising. This takes Email selling automation to successive level. We all tend to use loads of apps and Clickfunnels is aware of a way to take advantage.

This is why Clickfunnels is therefore superb. As a result of it’s very updated and helps you market within the most final manner. I recommend you to look at this video outline of Actionetics to find out a lot of.

You have just discovered and learned how to get the Clickfunnels discounted price that many people out there are clamoring for.

However, you should bear in mind that these tricks rely significantly on Clickfunnels policies and may become invalid at any time without prior warning. This is why you need to take advantage of these tricks and jump on board before they find out what is going on and bring down the links for good.

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