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Clickfunnels Review Reddit


Clickfunnels Review & Complaints – What Warrior Forum & Reddit Won’t Tell You

Want To Try Clickfunnels For Free?

Are You Trying To Sell Stuff Online?

Then I am certain you may agree that changing your guests into sales is difficult.

And getting yourself profitable? That’s even harder.

But there is a straightforward secret to increasing the worth of each client you sell to:

Sales Funnels

By making a well-designed sales funnel, you’ll dramatically increase your sales and supply additional price to your customers.


In today’s post, I am planning to introduce you to ClickFunnels, the application I’m using to build sales funnels for my business.


You don’t require any technical know-how to use it, and it will change the way you run your business.





If you can throw yourself into the ClickFunnels world, it’s one in all the simplest affiliate programs out there. I’ll be discussing that too later on.

Clickfunnels Review & Complaints


What is ClickFunnels?

Russell Brunson and his team launched ClickFunnels back in 2014. Since that time, Russell has transformed ClickFunnels into a $100 million a year business, and they recently crossed over 65,000 active users as of August 2018.


At its core, ClickFunnels is a program for building sales funnels. With a bunch of added whistles and bells.





You can use it to build:

  • Squeeze pages

  • Landing pages

  • Membership sites

  • Webinars


All kinds of sales funnel you can think of, complete with order bumps, downsells and upsells.


Plus, with the highest end Etison Suite plan you will even be able to start your affiliate program (Backpack) and substitute your email service with (Actionetics MD).


You’re getting everything required for market and sell your products online, without the need of hiring expensive developers.


And people have been using ClickFunnels with great success.


If you look at their 2 Comma Club site, you will find out that almost 400 entrepreneurs have already created over 1 million dollar funnels using ClickFunnels.


That’s amazing.

Overview of ClickFunnels Benefits

ClickFunnels is a favorite sales funnel application that simplifies the whole sales and marketing funnels for all types of businesses.

There square measure numerous styles of sales funnels, and everyone has to be designed and arranged in an exceedingly method that pulls its meant consumer.


There are funnels for sales, webinars, membership sites, and subscriber list and all of them are entirely different from one another. The good news in this is that ClickFunnels has got you covered.


ClickFunnels treats users to a variety of pre-built sales funnels, and all they have to do is to opt for the one that matches their business requirements. Selling a subscription and Peddling an e-book may be similar regarding them trying to make a sale, but you need to handle them separately.

ClickFunnels saves you the time and energy to begin organizing your sales funnels from scratch and accelerates your sales funnel setup.

Once you have got selected your funnel, you are required to have a template. ClickFunnels made sure you are entitled to a variety of templates, and each of them is tested and proven to work.


With a good number of proven and tested templates at your disposal, ClickFunnels accelerates your A/B testing phase because you don’t have to clear out templates that are not performing.


With a user-friendly platform, you can easily integrate videos, animation, clocks, and other components to your templates and then perform your A/B testing on them to discover what works and what doesn’t work.


There is no learning curve to wear down in any respect.

ClickFunnels Pros and Cons

ClickFunnels Pros

  • Editor balances ease of use with flexibility

  • Best software for building marketing and sales funnels

  • Integrates with all payment providers and significant email

  • Great on-boarding process for learning the software

  • Beautiful looking templates for all kinds of funnel

  • Easily share any funnels you create and mechanically earn affiliate commissions

  • 14-day free trial

  • Free domain name with SSL installed

  • Software continues to improve after every update

  • 2-tier affiliate program

ClickFunnels Cons

  • Limits on the total number of funnels, pages, and visitors with the standard plan

  • Lots of things to find out, a steep learning curve

  • Split testing is pretty basic

Why Not Just Use WordPress?


First and foremost, WordPress is fantastic.


If you’re running a strictly content primarily based web site, then WordPress should be your preferred content management system, and there’s absolutely no special reason for you to work with ClickFunnels.


If you are not in demand of a membership program for any reason or aren’t selling something online, then stick with WordPress as your default CMS.


BUT – I do assume that ClickFunnels includes a full suite of choices for any niche website builder which you ought to contemplate it if you’re thinking that you just are planning to begin outsourcing a number of your work. If you are a user of Amazon FBA business, having a ClickFunnels subscription may be beneficial to consider; especially if you are running paid traffic to your products on your e-commerce website.


For my websites, I’ve been able to set up a membership website for my contractors so they can log in and know what I expect out of them when they work on my websites.


It’s an essential part of my business.


While I could decide to set up a password protected webpage for them on my website if I chose, I like having a separate website that provides easy to use instructions that cowl ALL of my online properties, and not just one particular website.


If you sell any kind of product both digital and physical (membership site, software, etc.), then I believe ClickFunnels is worth taking a look for its advanced selling features.

Is Clickfunnels Easy To Use?


I’ve used some different page builders (mostly Divi Builder by Elegant themes and Thrive Architect). I will say that I consider ClickFunnels as the complete solution suite for the cost that you can buy.


The ability to build your membership site easily is wonderful. You can use the membership parts for quite a few various things.


You can market your courses, or you can do what I’ve done which is use it as a place for my editors, writers, and link builders to log in and view their briefs for what I expect them to try and do once I’ve employed them.


It’s a training program for how I manage the back end of my content based online business.


It’s simply integrated with a custom domain so that you can set up your landing pages, membership site and sales funnels on your website, or a custom domain.


It includes a plugin that enables you to integrate it with WordPress as well, although you can’t receive payments on your WordPress site if you charge your buyers for services, as they possess their own set of SSL requirements when receiving payments.


You can also start your funnel on your website, and host the next steps of the funnel where you collect fees on the default platform for ClickFunnels.


What I like most concerning the ClickFunnels application, is the drag and drop functionality. If you have any internet marketing experience, it’s much more comfortable than using WordPress natively, and you build the page as you are looking at it.


No additional “save it” and hit “preview” to check however it’s.


WordPress continues to be what you ought to be making use of for content-based websites, but ClickFunnels can create a powerful ally if you intend on selling membership programs or products to your customers that visit your site.


The customization choices are just about limitless while building out a correct promoting funnel.

Dislike #1: Why Does Adding A Funnel Takes Much Time?

After selecting your funnel kind and template, you need to add it to your account.

For some certain reasons, this process seems to take around 9-12 seconds every time.

While I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, it doesn’t make much sense to me why this would take so long. It’s a bit disturbing, although just a minor issue.

Dislike #2: For The $97 Plan, There Are Limits To Funnels You Can Build and Visitors

ClickFunnels limits you to 20,000 visitors, 20 funnels, and 100 pages, on their cheapest plan. I’m not a fan of software products that restrict you in this way.


If you are building sales funnels for yourself, these limits are probably ok.


But you’ll get additionally irritated at these limitations if you’re doing consumer work, promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate using share funnels or building funnels for multiple customers.


You are required to upgrade to the Etison Suite package if you wish to create unlimited funnels

Dislike #3: Fairly High Learning Curve

The range of features ClickFunnels possess is pretty vast, and I can see it be intimidating to some.

That’s why ClickFunnels place such a lot work into the onboarding method to assist you with the code.

The ClickFunnels interface is as good as designed for the first half, and once you have designed a couple of funnels yourself, the entire method will get easier over time.

ClickFunnels Vs The Competition


There are tons of ClickFunnels alternatives

out there that share some similar 

capabilities as ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels Vs. Instapage

Instapage is a landing page tool that enables you to simply and quickly style and publish first beneficial landing pages.


At first look, Instapage does not appear to own a lot in common with ClickFunnels. After all, one is a landing page style and development tool, whereas the other is AN all-in-one sales and selling funnel platform.


However, once used aboard a selling automation tool like Infusionsoft and a checkout application, Instapage is a part of a robust and helpful various toolkit to ClickFunnels.


Both ClickFunnels and Instapage embrace A/B testing tools to assist you to optimize your landing pages for specific goals. Duplicating pages, making variations and staying on top of your A/B testing is easy and simple in either application.


However, whereas ClickFunnels includes a whole sales funnel and email automation toolkit, Instapage solely includes landing page style and A/B testing tools.


ClickFunnels is AN all-in-one software package that covers each email selling automation and landing pages, whereas Instapage solely offers landing page style and pure lead information. However, Instapage works well aboard different application to make a whole email selling toolkit.

ClickFunnels vs. Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes make great WordPress plugins and themes, but, again, you cannot compare them with ClickFunnels.

If you’ve got a WordPress authority journal or web site and you are looking for a few top quality, skilled premium WordPress themes that convert, then I might advocate Thrive Themes, but if you’re either building a listing or directly merchandising a digital or physical product, then I’d invest in ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels vs. Teachable

People who are deliberating on buying ClickFunnels are curious about its membership site capabilities. ClickFunnels’ membership templates and options are fairly basic, but in my experience, they’re all most marketers need.

Now, if you desire an additional sensible membership platform, you might consider using software like Teachable or Thinkific to take care of the content of your course or membership content.


You can always make use of ClickFunnels for the sales pages, and option funnels since ClickFunnels enable you to customize the design and layout design more than other membership website solutions out there.

ClickFunnels vs LeadPages

Today, LeadPages is popular among the market leaders in the landing page builder space, and it’s a popular tool in its own right.

It additionally recently added the power to sell merchandise directly on their pages with its new Checkout widget.


ClickFunnels vs. SamCart

SamCart could be a product that permits users to make stunning, high changing checkout pages. Which gives it an exceptional deal in common with ClickFunnels.

SamCart is engaged towards getting set up and marketing quick.


It supports each Stripe and Paypal, and it comes with seventeen completely different checkout page templates that you’ll be able to customize.


Regarding flexibility, there is no comparison between ClickFunnel’s drag and drop editor and SamCart’s.


ClickFunnels is infinitely more powerful in that you’ll be able to style any checkout page you can dream of. Samcart only allows for some necessary customizations to its pre-made templates.


SamCart does let you to include order bumps, downsells and upsells as ClickFunnels does. You can also easily generate coupons for your products which is another excellent way to increase conversions.


However, wherever Samcart is lacking, is the ability to capture leads and build complete sales funnels. Both features come in at the same $97 per month price point, and I find ClickFunnels to be quite a little more powerful and flexible than Samcart.


Clickunnels vs. Optimizepress — Optimizepress is another tool that people like to compare ClickFunnels to. Optimizers were excellent like 5 years past, but honestly, it’s a bit dated now.


If you are considering Optimizepress, I will go with Profit Builder. Profit Builder is comparable to ClickFunnels in many ways, but the only real benefit I can see is that Optimizepress or Profit Builder are one-time fees, as ClickFunnels is a monthly subscription.

But with ClickFunnels, there’s nothing to install, they host everything in the cloud, and you don’t have to worry about web hosting, etc. So, if you wish to give Profit Builder a shot, that’s fine, but honestly, you’ll probably wind up investing in ClickFunnels anyway, so you might as well start there, to begin with.

Final Verdict

Which tool you associate with depends on your necessities and also the quantity of labor you’re willing to speculate in your business. Although several of you’re marketing standalone merchandise, are you willing to put in the effort required to create a high converting sales funnel?


If not, then ClickFunnels may be too much for you. You can sell your front end product or collect leads more cheaply using various services. However, if maximizing the average lifetime value of your buyers is essential to you, then I recommend giving ClickFunnels a try.


Not only to get access to the application however also as a result of the coaching you get will be each inspiring and enlightening.

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