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Clickfunnels Platinum


Heard of Clickfunnels Platinum and way to learn more? If you’re familiar with ClickFunnels then you know their platform has helped many entrepreneurs and business owners simplify their sales process. 

And now, ClickFunnels is taking a step back and rebranding themselves to be completely clear what their message is. ClickFunnels Platinum is part of that rebranding.

Unfortunately, if you have used Clickfunnels before, and are used to their different software options it can be a little confusing so we will dive deep in this article to explain everything you need to know…


Clickfunnels Platinum is essentially a rebranding of the ClickFunnels Etison Suite plan, which is the upgraded version of the basic Clickfunnels $97 plan.

But what the heck is Clickfunnel Etison? If your brand new to Clickfunnels, the easiest way to explain it is that Etison Suite plan used to came with Actionetics and Backpack, which is the Clickfunnels email and affiliate software suite.


Actionetics is currently being rebranded to Follow-up Funnels, and those with the Etison Suite plan will still have access to it.


Basically, ClickFunnels Platinum is an all-inclusive plan that has everything someone would need to know and learn to be successful in their business. 


From huge amounts of top-notch training to discussion forums on many different topics, everything included in the ClickFunnels Platinum plan creates a massive blueprint for success in any industry.


You may be wondering how much all this is going to cost and that’s a valid question to have. The ClickFunenls Platinum plan is $297 per month, the same price as the Etison Suite plan. 

So if you already have the Etison Suite plan, the ClickFunnels Platinum plan is basically a free upgrade to some awesome bonuses.

However, if you want to keep your standard $97 per month ClickFunnels plan, you can still have access to some of the Funnel Flix training (see below). So you won’t be completely left out.


There are a few new features to the ClickFunnels Platinum plan. There are Daily Virtual Hackathons, Funnel Flix, and the Funnel Hacker Forum.

Daily Virtual Hackathons

The Daily Virtual Hackathons are virtual training to teach you how to build different funnels. It’s hands-on in an attempt to help you get your own funnel ready to launch to the world. 

The expert coaches giving the training teach you step-by-step how to build your own funnel in real-time. 


There are various types of funnels they teach including Webinar funnels, Lead funnels, Challenge funnels, High Ticket funnels, and more.

Funnel Flix

Funnel Flix is exactly what the name implies: Netflix with a ClickFunnels twist. There are multiple training videos about business and all the ins and outs of entrepreneurship. 

You can access Funnel Flix via, though it is available on your ClickFunnel’s dashboard. 

Not everyone has access to all the training videos in Funnel Flix, but everyone with a ClickFunnels account has access to some of the training videos. 


Here is a list of the training videos for each of the different plans in ClickFunnels:

Standard Plan Training:

  • 30 Day Challenge

  • Affiliate Bootcamp

  • Ecommerce Live Event Training (coming soon)

  • Brick & Mortar (coming soon)

  • 10X Documentary


  • Operation Toussaint

  • Funnel Hacking Live

  • Funnel Builder Secrets

  • AdSkills

  • Product Secrets

  • John Reese’s Money Mindset Training

  • Tony Robbins Private Collection

Platinum Plan Training:

The Platinum Plan Training has everything that is included in the Standard Plan Training plus:

  • One Funnel Away Challenge

  • Funnel University

  • Funnel Agency Secrets

  • Funnel Hackathon

  • 10X Secrets

  • High Ticket Secrets (coming soon)

  • Traffic Secrets

  • YouTube Traffic Secrets (coming soon)

  • John Reese’s Outsource Force

  • Course Secrets (coming soon)

  • Offermind (coming soon)

  • Jay Abraham – The Anthology (coming soon)

  • The Warrior’s Way Doctrine

Collective Training:

The Collective Training has everything that is included in the other plans plus:

  • Agora Financial Copywriting

  • Agora Financial Media Buying

Funnel Hacker Forum

The Funnel Hacker Forum is a place where paying ClickFunnels members can come together to discuss various questions, topics, and ideas.

The Official ClickFunnels Facebook group is growing rapidly with over 200,000 group members, but only 95,000 of those members as paying ClickFunnels members. 


The decision was made to have a separate place for only paying ClickFunnels members to meet, talk and help each other. 


So the Funnel Hacker Forum was born. It’s found on the dashboard of the Funnel Flix website.


There are different topics in the forum. For example, there are the discussion group, technical discussions, Platinum exclusive forum, and Unread and recently updated topics.


The information is very helpful to those who engage in the forum. 


For example, there is a copywriting discussion where people have asked questions specific to copywriting. Within this discussion, some of the topics being discussed are lead funnels, funnel scripts, avatar research, copywriting courses, and many more.


The forum is helpful in that it provides answers to questions from a practical standpoint and from those who have experience with the information they give.


So is the ClickFunnels Platinum plan worth it?


In my opinion, yes, it is because of the massive amounts of training and connection you get that you can’t get any other way. 


You could hire coaches. You could create your own community. You could compile a bunch of training.


But you will never be able to duplicate what has been created and provided in the ClickFunnels Platinum plan. 


Russell Brunson and the ClickFunnels team have rebranded their company to reflect what their goal is: to enable as many people as possible to grow their companies and businesses through sales funnels and to be able to have access to the training and coaching to know how to do so.


ClickFunnels Platinum is the key to reaching that goal. It’s so worth it.

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