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Clickfunnels Membership Area

How To Create A Members Area With ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a popular online tool originally designed to make it easier for you to build a sales funnel. It contains a host of different page templates which you can customise with your own offers and use quickly and easily in your marketing campaigns.

It also enables you to take payments and deliver​ your online products, as well as run an affiliate campaign and create a membership site. ClickFunnels aims to be an all-in-one solution for the creation and day to day operations of your online business.

For people without any advanced IT skills, installing WordPress, configuring plugins and customizing its themes to create their membership areas is a scary venture. They often waste much time trying to find something that suits them. Besides, failing to identify the reasons why your efforts can be very frustrating.

ClickFunnels allows users to create a membership area easily. In only a few commands, you can have your members site up and running. You don’t need to have any experience or coding skills to create one. Follow these steps and have your funnel up in a short time. Once your ClickFunnels is up, you can offer videos, lessons, or written content to your clients.

What You Need

  1. A ClickFunnels account

  2. Funnels in your account

Steps To Follow

Step 1: Create A Membership Funnel

1. In the ClickFunnels Menu, choose the Build Funnel option


2. Navigate to the Classic Builder


3. Select Sell Your Product


4. Click on the Membership tab


Step 2: Choose Page Templates

1. Under the Membership tab, choose the Members Access option


2. Once it loads, apply a template by clicking + Select Template on the model you want to display


3. You should get a message informing you that the process is successful

4. Edit the page by clicking on Edit Page button and customize it to your liking


4. To add the membership area template, select Membership Area under the Membership tab


5. Please choose a model then press the + Select Template tab on it


6. There should be a message informing you the process is a success


Once you create the members’ area, you can now share content to your clients. You may consider offering free pieces and premium ones. You can share lessons, videos, and texts to your clients. Your posts will be secure, and only those visitors with permission will access them.

Features of ClickFunnels Members Area

ClickFunnels can help transform your online lessons into a lucrative venture. Additionally, you can use it to keep your clients happy by providing them with restricted content as a result of their purchases. You can also use the members are to support your other goals by leveraging its features. Here are the features of the Members Area.

1. Many Templates To Choose From

ClickFunnels offers many samples of the site layout. The ClickFunnels’ competent and reliable team develops these models. They make them from valuable insights and trends the team discovers after analyzing the existing market. They will boost your campaign and help you attain your goals.


You can choose to use one’s by ClickFunnels or customize the existing ones. Customization options such as header size, font, and color are at your disposal. These choices are critical as they help your Members Area have the right appeal to attain your objectives.

2. Multimedia Content Options

Your posts can be in the form of texts, video, or PDFs. These variations are essential for pursuing your ambitions. Videos are ideal for lessons that you need people to see examples of various tasks. They also are more engaging. Make them attractive by ensuring your content is informative and entertaining to your members.


PDFs can also be excellent sources of information. You can use them to educate your customers in detail. Texts can be copywriting in a site. Alternating these genres of posts ensures that you use the best media for specific purposes. It also makes you avoid being too monotonous.

3. Drip Delay

This feature is unique to your Membership Area in ClickFunnels. It allows you to schedule the times which members access your content. It automatically avails your posts once the period you set lapses. For example, if you configure a drip delay of two days, members will access your media two days after their subscription to your membership funnel.


This feature is crucial as it allows you to regulate people’s access to your content. However, it would be best if you were smart while deciding the drip delay timelines. Scheduling it to lapse too early denies you further time to meet your goals. Additionally, taking too long may push people as they get impatient.

4. Smart Design

ClickFunnels organizes your lessons into sections and categorizes them according to each post. Once you create a lecture, you choose the grouping that you want it to belong to while creating it. During the creation, you also get a chance to key in your product and tag requirements.


These necessities are necessary for one to gain access to the site. You can restrict access to the people having a particular mix of goods or those having certain tags.


Add a lesson by choosing either of the site templates. The resource list is ideal for text content while selecting the video lesson is right for your posts consisting of videos. Edit the lectures to change their location or requirements.


Why Use ClickFunnels Members Area?

There are many benefits of creating a ClickFunnels members area. These benefits include:


One characteristic of ClickFunnels is that its steps and processes are straightforward. It is easy for you to set up an account. You may also create a membership funnel by following simple procedures. Additionally, clients can sign up, log in, or conveniently access your content.


This ease of carrying out essential functions within ClickFunnels means you can create a funnel and share your content without any problems. You can carry them out even if you have little tech knowledge. You do not have to spend to hire experts or pay a lot for web services such as hosting. Your customers will also be happy with your efficient setup, which means they will be more willing to do business with your company.

It Improves Your Profitability

For a majority of the people using funnels from ClickFunnels, an excellent profit margin is a good indicator of performance. Creating a membership funnel can boost your profitability. It makes it easier for people to access your content.


They only have to follow simple steps to sign up. Once they become members, they access free posts and pay for the premium content. Ensure your samples are excellent to solicit the need by people to access more of your media, even if it means they have to pay for them. Additionally, you may use the membership area to create leads for your other products and services.

Great Marketing

ClickFunnels permits you to post great pieces that increase your likelihood of converting leads to paying customers. You can customize the lessons you post to your membership area. Modifying the message accompanying the content, creating quality content, and creatively presenting the materials are vital for the success of your efforts.


Having great content is the first critical step towards getting your clients to carry out specific actions. You may also leverage them to create captivating one-time offers. These promotions are essential in motivating customers to do certain things before the offer lapses.


Customization Of Your Lessons

ClickFunnels allows you to modify your lectures. Through the Membership Area, you can restrict your content to a given section of your clients. You may also schedule when to put up the content and the type of content you place on the site.


These adjustments are essential in ensuring you get value for money, and you share your media strategically to meet your objectives. Breaking them into distinct segments also helps your clients track their progress and plan their time well.

Customer Satisfaction

ClickFunnels can be a great source of making your clients happy. The simple signing up process and the ease of accessing your content improve your chances of meeting customer needs. Regulating the people that access this section of your site may make subscribers feel important; hence, they are likely to do further business with you.


Additionally, rewarding clients by giving them free access to your content once they meet a certain purchasing threshold makes them feel appreciated. This appreciation may make them susceptible to further transactions with you.

In this modern age, businesses must find a way to get ahead and remain competitive. Traditional strategies are not enough; companies need to find innovative new means of meeting their targets. ClickFunnels is a great way to pursue your goals.

Using the membership funnel, you can create an excellent ClickFunnels that restrict access to your content if one fails to meet the set threshold. Companies can leverage these requirements to increase sales, boost revenue, and attain high levels of customer satisfaction. Create a Members Area today and start achieving your objectives.

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