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Clickfunnels Kajabi Integration

The premise of this integration is to use Kajabi as the deliverable product and Clickfunnels as the primary way to capture leads, provide value through sales pages, and then make the offer and sale.


When a customer makes this purchase, it passes on their info to Kajabi and creates a contact in the People list and then grants them the Offer automatically. Financial information will be kept in ClickFunnels rather than Kajabi.  


We’re excited to announce that Kajabi’s integration with ClickFunnels has arrived!

In order to give you more flexibility for selling your content online, we’ve partnered with the team behind ClickFunnels to create a built-in integration that connects Kajabi to ClickFunnels.


ClickFunnels lets you build out an entire sales funnel, and combined with Kajabi’s content delivery power, you’ll have more functionality for running your online business.

Multiple Uses

There are two ways you can use this new integration:


1. Set up a complete sales funnel inside ClickFunnels and have the button on your ClickFunnels sales page automatically link to your Kajabi offer.


2. Use ClickFunnels for the order process and payment collection and have the buyer's access to your Kajabi products granted automatically upon successful purchase.

More New Ways to Sell

We're very excited to see the creative ways that people use our new integrations to sell content and grow their audience! Our ClickFunnels integration is now another step in that direction!


Our goal is to to keep giving you more value and more functionality, so you can have more power to run your online business.


Easy Set Up

This integration is super easy to get started with!


All you have to do is go into your Integrations dashboard inside Kajabi, plug in your API Key from ClickFunnels, and connect. That’s it!



Screenshot Tutorial

Within your dashboard, you can setup the pages in your funnel by selecting the templates you’d like to use and adding Kajabi's integration from there.


You’ll notice that your API Key is required in order to create the integration. Open your Kajabi dashboard, obtain your API Key from your integrations tab, then paste it in the box shown below.


Upon opening our newly completed funnel, you can see the option to select Kajabi Products as the action for your page’s buttons. Now you’re all set!


How To Integrate ClickFunnels With Kajabi

Kajabi is one of the leading software that allows users to create courses, launch campaigns that aid in marketing and design websites for their businesses. Integrating your Kajabi account with your ClickFunnels account will greatly boost your business.

What You Need

  1. ClickFunnels account

  2. Kajabi account

  3. Kajabi API key

  4. Kajabi API Secret


Note: An API key is what makes it possible to integrate ClickFunnels with Kajabi and you need to retrieve it from your Kajabi account. Here is how you can easily obtain your API Key

  1. Log in to your Kajabi account, go to the dashboard and find User Menu located on your left

  2. Click on Account

  3. Scroll down to find API Credentials

  4. Copy the API key and paste it into the API key section in ClickFunnels, copy the API secret to your API secret section in ClickFunnels.

Integrate ClickFunnels With Kajabi

1. Log in to your ClickFunnels account. On the dashboard click on your profile and select Account Settings


2. Click on Integrations


3. Click Add New Integration


4. On the Add New Integration page look for Kajabi by typing ‘Kajabi’ in the search bar. Kajabi will show up in the search results, click on it


5. In the Add New Integration page, you will be required to enter the Integration Nickname, API Secret and API key choose any name and type it on the Integration Nickname. Your API Secret and API key can be found in your Kajabi account as explained in the steps to retrieve your Kajabi API above.


6. After pasting your API and secret and the integration nickname, click on Connect Integration.


7. A Kajabi Sign in page will prompt you to log in using your username and password if you are not logged in already.
























8. Click on Allow to allow ClickFunnels to have access to your Kajabi account data as well as modify it.

9. You have successfully integrated Kajabi with your ClickFunnels. You will find it among the list of integrations.


This integration allows you to combine effective power of funnels from ClickFunnels and top tier delivery power for a seamless and flexible online business. With this powerful combination, you can take your business to greater heights.

37 different Clickfunnels Kajabi Integration templates

In fact, ClickFunnels provides you 37 different templates for you to use in your business. Below I have listed them in 10 different categories:

  • Optin Pages: Press Page, Reverse Capture Page, Lead Magnet, Promo Code .

  • Presell Pages: Survey Web Page, Short Article Page, Presell Page, Clickpop Page.

  • Sales Pages: Video Clip Sales Page, Sales Letter Web Page, Product Introduce Page.

  • Thank You Pages: Thank You Page, Offer Wall, Bridge Page, Share Page

  • OTO’s: Upsells Websites, Downsells websites.

  • Webinar Pages: Webinar Registration Web Page, Webinar Verification Page, Webinar Broadcast Space, Webinar Replay Space.

  • Order Forms: Two Action Order Web Page, Typical Order Page, Video Sales Letter Order Page, Sales Letter Order Web Page, Item Introduce Order Web Page.

  • Other Pages: Application Page, Ask Web Page, Store Front, Home Page, Hero Web Page, Hangout Web Page, Live Demo Web Page.

  • Affiliate Pages: Gain Access To Page, Affiliate Area.

  • Subscription Pages: Accessibility Page, Member’s Area .


The pre-done templates are completely personalizable, and what most customers use. You can pick a template in Clickfunnels Kajabi Integration. Modify the elements you want, and then you are ready to sell.

In addition you can connect any funnel you want to the email autoresponder that you want. If you choose to do this, there is no use to use ClickFunnel’s autoresponder.

And you can use the Clickfunnels Kajabi Integration built in invoicing system.

Clickfunnels Kajabi Integration is the best sales funnels and marketing funnels software that exist on the market. What makes ClickFunnels special is the fact that provides you every little thing you have to market, sell, and deliver your products online.

A standard funnel will practically use an opt-in web page and e-mail auto responder like Clickfunnels Kajabi Integration. In addition to an extra sales page with some content and an order bump. Potentially adhered to by added material, a subscription website, and so on.

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