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Clickfunnels Giveaway Funnel


The best way to break out of this cycle is by selling products about Internet Marketing to “Real Business Owners”, and by real I mean people like Doctors, Plumbers, Real Estate Agents, Property Managers and so many more as you will soon see.

ClickFunnels is a platform that, among many other features, allows you to design and create entire sales funnels for your business with the click of a few buttons


When you sign up, you can select a pre-made, high-converting funnel of your choice, or build your own from scratch. Either way, it is then extremely easy for you to edit and publish your funnel and start earning profits for your business

Giveaway Funnels are a great resource for Insurance Agents!

You may be asking, what are Giveaway Funnels?

A Giveaway Funnel is a mini website that leads a client or visitor down the road to where you want them to go by offering some sort of prize or incentive as an ethical bribe!

  • How does they work?

Customers visit the site for a chance to win by entering their names, email, and phone number. (You can keep those contacts as future leads!)


By asking them a qualifying question, to find out whether or not they are a good lead for you. Such as, “Can we review an insurance policy with you?” Allow them to select auto, home, renters, none of the above, etc.


By encouraging them to share the contest with their friends and family so that they can get a bonus entry into the contest, this exposes you to a whole new audience based on the person who was attracted to your Giveaway!

Get a FREE Giveaway Funnel AND 22 Other Pre-Made Funnels When You Start A 14-Day FREE Trial

By marketing your Giveaway Funnel using Facebook ads so that we ensure the first line of people who see your funnel are the people you want to talk to!

This sharing process is great, as you can get insights to which kind of customer was attracted to the post. This opens a lot more opportunities for you and generates more leads.


Remember: Do not ask too many qualifying questions in your funnel. The more

questions you ask the more likely they will not enter the funnel contest because they will think it is too time consuming, complicated, or even assume it is just a scam!

  • Does it work?

One of the clients gives away gift certificates to a local mall which has become extremely popular. Through this funnel the client averaged 400 new contacts a month.


If they do not buy insurance from him now, they will keep him in mind or he can contact himself in the future.


This client also posts photos of each month’s winner so that people know it is real.

Remember: Giveaway Funnels are about having fun and creating a culture of its own surrounding your business!

Here’s More About ClickFunnels For Insurance Agents

  • How do people find the funnel?

The most effective way to market a giveaway funnel is is through Facebook ad.We can really hone in on the target demographic on Facebook. We can limit the paid reach of your contest to prospects that fit your profile, we can restrict the reach by gender, relationship, age and location.


You should put up an exciting and expensive prize – if your prize is lame then your contest will flop.

Additional Benefits of a Giveaway Funnel That Insurance Agents Can Use With ClickFunnels

Many companies set up these giveaway funnels in order to get more subscribers, followers, likes, etc. And these contests work well for that too.

When you sign up for ClickFunnels account you will receive all the files needed to launch lead generation funnels for the following products:

  • Life Insurance Marketing Funnel

  • Auto Insurance Marketing Funnel

  • Annuities Marketing Funnel

  • Home Insurance Marketing Funnel

  • Insurance Marketing Funnel


The possibilities are endless when it comes to using ClickFunnels for your insurance business.

So when it comes to ethical bribery, Giveaway funnels are ruling the internet “advertisement” space; while they aren’t themselves selling anything, they funnel a large crowd of people towards something they want them to see.


 What Do Other Successful Insurance Agents Know That You Don’t?

In order for your business to be successful you need leads, right? The fastest and most effective way to generate leads is getting front of hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people.

There is power in numbers and as you know, it’s a numbers game when it comes to your insurance business.

ClickFunnels makes it easy to get leads and make sales. If you’re wondering how ClickFunnels can be uses for your insurance agency business, you’ve come to the right place, because I generate hundreds of leads everyday using ClickFunnels.


Are you ready to grow your business with ClickFunnels as an insurance agent?


Start a FREE 14-Day Trial and I’ll throw in a 30-Minute Success Call to help you create your first high-converting sales funnel. We can have a landing page up in less than 20 minutes.

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