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ClickFunnels Examples | Best Real-life Examples of ClickFunnels in Action


Clickfunnels or sales funnels are strategies that can convince a customer to make a purchase, which makes it easier for your business to grow profits. There are many ClickFunnel examples that can help your business receive more sales and continue to grow.

Sales funnels are marketing strategies designed to assist businesses in the process of going from building awareness for your business to a customer making a purchase.


Going through this process can be lengthy but a sales funnel can shorten it, so your business can make sales faster. This is important for your business to make more profits, which gives it the proper funds to grow.


ClickFunnels Examples #1: Perfect Audience

So, first example is perfect audience. Which specifically focuses on redirecting advertisements.


Firstly, their tools include dynamic retargeting, Facebook retargeting, mobile retargeting, and web retargeting.

Dynamic retargeting imports your products onto a Google Merchant Center, for instance.


Above all, you can use their Facebook ad builder to target the people you want, and mobile retargeting allows you to specifically target mobile users.


This opens up a massive audience because of the sheer amount of work most people do on mobile devices. In addition, Perfect Audience’s web redirecting tool allows you to target lost customers to discover what went wrong.


Other fun tools include:

  • Conversion tracking

  • Cookie freshness and detailed analytics

  • Managing multiple sites

  • Powerful segmenting

  • Revenue tracking

  • Rule-based tag manager

  • Transparent billing


ClickFunnels Examples #2: Groupon

Firstly, Groupon is a fun unconventional ClickFunnels. It’s not so much a service to help with your sales, but it can help with specific parts of your funnel.


For example, you can offer discounts to potential customers through Groupon. Become a Groupon Merchant through five simple steps:

  1. Firstly, provide the information. Groupon would like to know about your business and share their information with you. Including deals such as customizable listings, local marketing campaigns and merchant tools, for instance. It’s a back-and-forth business relationship.

  2. Create your campaign with either one of their representatives or their Groupon Deal Builder!

  3. Prepare your business and staff. Preview your offer listings, tips and tools.

  4. Launch your campaign.

  5. Track your stats.




ClickFunnels Examples #3: Grasshopper

Our third ClickFunnels example is Grasshopper.


This is a service specifically designed to improve the communication between your businesses and your customers. Their include tools such as:

  • Phone calls

  • Text messages

  • Voicemails and faxes


Above all, Grasshopper can help you see incoming calls, create automated greetings, gain access to their professional voice talent, and more!

Moreover, alongside these communication tools, they have many other features:

  • Business texting

  • Call forwarding, call transfers and simultaneous call handling

  • Custom greetings

  • Extensions, and incoming call control

  • Mobile and desktop app

  • Read voicemail, reporting, virtual fax, VolP/WiFi calling, and voicemail.

ClickFunnels Example #4: Basecamp


So, Basecamp is a fourth from ClickFunnels examples. This service including several features such as:

  • Client access

  • Check-in questions

  • Direct messages

  • Documents and file storage

  • Email forwards

  • Hill charts, message boards, notifications, reports

  • Real-time group chat

  • Schedules, search, and to-do lists.


all, these tools make communication between your clients and your employees on the same project much simpler and easier.


ClickFunnels Example #5: Mixergy


So, next successful ClickFunnels example is Mixergy. This is a simple information-providing service whose include features such as:

  • Collections

  • Courses

  • Interviews

  • Premium


Certainly, gain access to their collection of valuable courses and interviews. This information can help you improve your business and its functionality, for instance.

Hence, leading to provide better products and services.

That’s All!

These ClickFunnels examples can provide the inspiration you need to spruce up your own existing sales funnel – or create them from scratch in the first place.

Hope you got value from this list in one way or two?

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