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Clickfunnels Discount

Clickfunnels is one of the fastest-growing online tools out there that has helped thousands of individuals from all walks of life around the world to make millions of dollars via the internet.

Created by Russell Brunson, Clickfunnels is the tool to use for creating numerous types of funnels for your e-commerce or online business.

You can use Clickfunnels to create the following:

  • Product launch funnel

  • Capture leads funnel

  • Auto-webinar funnel

  • Opt-in funnels

  • Sales Funnels

  • Fishbowl funnel

  • Webinar funnel, etc.


Clickfunnels – touted as the best marketing solution on the internet today – is designed as monthly-subscription software and to access it, you need to be ready to pay a hefty $97 per month.


This price tag has stopped many people from taking advantage of this powerful software for marketing so that they can dominate their niches on the internet.

However, there is good news: you can get a Clickfunnels discount for as low as $19 per month!

You will also gain access to several high-ticket offers which you will be foolish to pass up as these high-value trainings have been used to rake in millions of dollars online.


Clickfunnels Discount Trick#1

If you’re planning to take this business seriously,

and now you’re just searching for a better deal,

I really suggest you purchase this program to get the best clickfunnels price.

In addition, you’ll get for free:

  • 6 Week Funnel Hacks Master Class 

  • Instant Traffic Hacks 

  • Inception Secrets 

  • SOAP & Seinfeld Email Sequences

Our Review reveals how to get a free Clickfunnels account

Clickfunnels Discount Trick#2

This discount will set you up with a 56% off
+ $8988 Bonus Training From Russell Brunson For Free.

It is the Secret Page and will set you up with 56% off.

This clickfunnels discount will set you up with the all of the free bonuses
mentioned in the first section.

this is by far the best offer for anyone
who just wants to use Clickfunnels and kickstart their business.

  Check The Secret Special Offer for clickfunnels price

Clickfunnels Discount Trick#3

For this clickfunnels price – $19 per month,
we are going to use a sharable funnel.

With clickfunnels, you can easily share funnels with friends.

I’m going to share with you a free funnel
and that will allow you to sign up under this plan.

The limitation of this plan:
you’re limited up to 3 funnels that are shared with you.

You can only edit and use these funnels shared with you
without the ability to add new ones or new pages.

This plan is suitable for people that interested in creating a small quantity
of simple sales funnels.

Clickfunnels $19 a month plan – Use This Personal Trainers Funnel I’m giving away 

Clickfunnels Discount Trick#4

This discount will set you up
with a secret plan – $37 a month

when you sign up, there are tree clickfunnels pricing options:
1. Regular membership $97 a month
2. Etison Suite for $297 a month
3. Actionetics MD for $397 a month

But there is a fourth option
that only a few people know for $37 a month.

follow this 3 simple steps to get it:

Step number 1:
Sign up for the free 14 days trial by clicking here


They will ask for your billing information
but won’t charge you anything during this time,
and you can always cancel the account when the free days are over.


Step number 2:
“Cancel” your account.


Go to account > account billing -> cancel my account
it should be looking like this:


Step Number 3:
We are not really going to cancel our subscription, don’t worry  


Once you click the cancel button,
They are going to give you three different offers to save you as a customer.

  • $37 per month Personal Plan – you can build up to 5 funnels, 20 pages, 5 thousand visits

  • $67 per month Bootstrap Plan – you can build up to 10 funnels, 50 pages, 10 thousand visits

  • $9 per month Pause – This is a “Hold” membership. they will reserve your subdomains, pages, and funnels, but you can’t edit anything or adding anything


Following this process, you’ll be paying $37 a month instead of $97.

My Funnel Hacks Bonus:

Features of ClickFunnels $19 Account

If you have gone through my ClickFunnels pricing article, you should have seen where I listed and each and every product in ClickFunnels ecosystem. Including the monthly packages and its features.


The share funnel discount of $19 also comes with the basic ClickFunnels funnel building features but very limited in terms of visitor count, pages, funnels, and contacts.


Feature #1: Three Funnels

While the startup plan of $97 allows you to have 20 funnels and that of $297 has no funnel limit. This is where the ClickFunnels $19 plan sucks a bit. You only have the ability to host 3 funnels and nothing more than that.

Feature #2: 10 Pages

The two standard plan allows 100 pages and unlimited pages… While on the share funnel discount plan you have access to host only 10 pages in your ClickFunnels account.

Feature #3: No Share Funnel Option

Remember in my ClickFunnels review and affiliate promotion guide, the share funnel option (ability to share funnels) is something that has been a huge benefit for all!


Building funnels for clients and business owners, then sharing it to them so they can pay you and also making cool affiliate commissions if they aren’t signed up yet.


It’s heartbreaking that such feature is not made available on the $19/mo ClickFunnels plan.

Feature #4: Custom Domain Access

On the starting plan, you get 3 custom domain and unlimited custom domain on the Etison Suite plan. It’s not actually bad when you get a one custom domain on the share funnel plan, is it?

Feature #5 No Actionetics And Backpack

My thought used to be that it was not possible to build a membership site on the $19/m plan. But I was wrong! I actually tested this myself on a share funnel account by downloading a membership funnel and I was able to customize it the way I want.


Sure, you should already be aware that Actionetics and Backpack isn’t part of the $97/mo plan, so don’t even think about it on this discounted plan.

Who Needs The ClickFunnels $19 Share Funnel Plan? Does It Work?

Since you’ve already seen what you get and what you don’t get on this discounted plan, I will have to say that not everyone actually needs it.

And not everyone also needs to start on the $97 and $297 plans.


#1: I will highly recommend this plan to people who are interested in testing or experimenting with ClickFunnels to see how the page builder/editor looks like before investing in the complete pricing packages.


#2: If you don’t have the budget to start on the $97 standard plan, then this is a good avenue to start and kick off your business on.


#3: Or maybe you want to learn and master the ins and outs of funnel building and ClickFunnels, then it’s not a bad decision getting on this plan either.


#4: If you are a business owner who just needs a single page for generating leads or building awareness AND nothing more, then I think you should start from this plan by downloading a simple lead generation funnel.

#5: The share funnel plan would be great starting point for someone to get used to the ClickFunnels platform and train themselves until they know what they are doing or have a winning product or offer.

If you are in the above category, then this $19 discount option is for you!


But before you do that, I will implore you to take the One Funnel Away Challenge If you haven’t because it is the best training that will guide you on a step process on how to discover and launch a product even if you have no idea.

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