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Clickfunnels Collective Plus

What is Clickfunnels Collective Plus?

So by now you may have heard that Russels “Inner Circle” has been temporarily closed. That is most likely why we’re seeing new plans come out in a different structure.


Clickfunnels Collective Plus seems like it will be the equivalent of Russels Inner Circle. Although there has been no official release of what is included in this plan, I’ll be updating this post as details get released!

This is meant for serious business owners who need to scale their business to the next level! Many people that are introduced to Clickfunnels, are confused about the different pricing plans and membership levels.

ClickFunnels Collective is a new ClickFunnels pricing plan dedicated for advanced ClickFunnels users. The main difference from other plans is that with ClickFunnels Collective you’re not only getting UNLIMITED ClickFunnels account but also you’re eligible for:

  • Two Comma Club Coaching and LIVE Events

  • Live phone support

  • Framework Back Office license

  • FunnelFlix All-Access Pass

  • Funnel Boards

  • And much more…

Who is Clickfunnels Collective Plus for?

All we can do is speculate right now, however basing everything off of what Inner Circle was, we can speculate that this plan will be for entrepreneur’s who are going ” All IN “.


The ones who want to speed up there trajectory. Learning sales, marketing, processes and growth isn’t a small task. The fastest way to success is to shortcut your learning curve on what needs to be done, and that’s why these types of programs have been created. Instead of taking 5 years to learn everything you need, they try to shortcut everything to decrease that time!

Features of ClickFunnels Collective Plan?

There are some outstanding features offered by ClickFunnels Collective Plan. You need to be aware of all those features before you spend your money to buy this plan. That’s because you are making a decision to purchase the plan based on the features that are available for you to consider.

  • Live phone support


All the people who upgrade to Collective Plan will be provided with live phone support. When you have access to live phone support, you will find it an easy task to get your questions and doubts clarified. It’s really of great value to be able to pick up the phone at any time and get your problems sorted out right away.

The support team will be able to help you with most of your questions. The Clickfunnels support team is available and to your disposal every week from Monday to Friday.

  • 9 sub-user accounts


The ClickFunnels Collective Plan will also provide you with access to 9 different sub-user accounts. You can use these sub-user accounts to set up your team members. In fact, the team members can be provided with logins on their own. In addition to that, it is also possible to provide admin rights to the team members as well.

  • You gain access to all the courses!


A large number of FunneFlix courses are available for you to check out. The Collective Plan membership will make sure that you have full access to all the best training from some of the smartest business, and marketing people in the world.

What if you could get access to the best advice from people like Tony Robbins or Dean Graziosi, don’t you think that alone would be of some amazing value? Because I honestly think these are some of the smartest marketers in the world today. Also, having a more advanced plan with Clickfunnels will certainly get you even better support, so you will never feeling alone.

  • You can take part in live group coaching calls


Live group coaching calls are taking place within the network on a regular basis. These group coaching calls are led by industry experts. Hence, you will love to take part in these courses and get all the knowledge you need. When you upgrade your Clickfunnels account you will be eligible to take part in these live group coaching calls. How fantastic is that!?

  • You can attend Two Comma Club Momentum Events


It is a dream of many entrepreneurs and marketers to attend the Two Comma Club Momentum Events. They serve as an excellent environment for you to network with like-minded peers.


These events also will deliver much-needed support and assistance on the most cutting edge information in the marketing industry. You can rest assured that you get the most up to date knowledge. Along with the invitation, you can take part in social gathering events too.

  • You can gain access to Funnel Frameworks


Members who have a Collective subscription will be provided with comprehensive access to Funnel Frameworks. Therefore, you can get them to benefit your business in the long run as well.


How much does Clickfunnels Collective Plus cost?

There has been no official release of the price, BUT we do know that “Clickfunnels Colllective: is priced at $1497 per month, so we can assume that this plan will be higher than that.

My Clickfunnels Bonus

Since I’ve been building funnels for various clients, and at the 2 Comma Club level, I’ve learnt the ins and outs of what works, what doesn’t, how to increase conversions, and all of the various formulas that are put in place. 


Here is what I’m going to offer, All Bonuses are included For EVERY CLICKFUNNELS plan unless stated Otherwise:


*All Bonuses will be emailed out following the day of your sign up! Feel Free to message me on facebook or via e-mail at with any questions!

Bonus # 1 – 


My Sales Funnel Formula – Get Instant Access to the Formula I use for all of My Clients (2 Comma Club Included). I formulated this through testing and increasing conversions of my clients funnels. Simply follow the formula and start your journey ahead of the learning curve.

Bonus # 2 – 


My Opt In Funnel Formula – Get Instant Access to the Formula I use for all of My Clients (2 Comma Club Included). How I manage to get a high opt in rate ( up to 80% ) using this formula! Perfect for List Building and Trip wires!

Bonus # 3 – 


My Design Toolbelt – Find out all of the FREE tools I use in order to keep my designs clean. Get some of my CSS tricks, removing backgrounds from your pictures, and picking the best colors for your funnel.

Bonus # 4 – 


Lifetime Tech Support – Having an issue with your account? Clickfunnels Is great but they aren’t exactly the quickest to respond with technical support tickets. You’ll have access to me if you have an issue or a question

Bonus # 5 – 


2 Hour Strategy Session – Exclusive to Clickfunnels Collective members, we can go over your funnel plan and I can point out where the best place is to start. You’ll have 2 hours of one on one time to ask any funnel questions you might have. 

Final Thoughts

So is Clickfunnels Collective worth the investment?

While this plan goes with a comparatively high monthly fee, it offers a lot of exclusive benefits that are not available for users on other plans.

We think that the biggest advantage it gives is the possibility to attend Clickfunnels’ inner events which you can otherwise access only if you’re a Two Comma Club or Inner Circle member.

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