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Generate more leads with the ClickFunnels + ActiveCampaign integration


What is ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is an online platform that helps marketers and business owners to build their funnels in minutes and without coding. ClickFunnels allows you to create high converting squeeze pages and beautifully designed landing pages, using templates and models.

Benefits of using ClickFunnels

You can take more benefits using ClickFunnels because it allows you to create email marketing campaigns to follow up your leads and increase conversions by using their inbuilt tool called Actionaetics, which enables you to take control of your entire business from just one place. Moreover, thanks to marketing automation, you can personalize the customer journeys for your leads to maximize your results.

Why should I use ClickFunnels

With ClickFunnels you can segment your audience based on their behaviors and preference, creating different campaigns that drive people through each step of your funnel. ClickFunnels also allows you to connect your sales pages to your preferred payment software, like Paypal, Stripe and many more.


By doing so, you’ll be able to run upsell and downsell offers right when people buy, which will instantly increase your customers' lifetime value. ClickFunnels also helps you improve your marketing efforts, by running A/B tests of your landing pages and tracking your marketing performances.

What is ActiveCampaign

Activecampaign allows you to create automated follow-up sequences and newsletters to nurture leads and customers. ActiveCampaign automation is one of the most useful features of ActiveCampaign because it helps increase conversion rates by sending highly personalized messages and relevant offers to your audience.

Benefits of using ActiveCampaign

Thanks to ActiveCampaign you have the ability to assign tags to your leads. By doing so, you can segment your audience in order to reach them with the most relevant content and offer, tailored for them. With ActiveCampaign you can easily create workflow and funnels to improve your sales, thanks to an intuitive drag-and-drop campaign builder that everyone can use.

Why should I use ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign gives you all the tools you need to improve your lead generation activity. You can create beautifully designed opt-in forms and install them on your website. Moreover, the in-build analytics tool helps you to track your email marketing results, in order to understand what works and what doesn’t and identify your best prospects and clients.


What’s the difference between ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign?

The main difference between ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign is that ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder and ActiveCampaign is an email service provider. Both have features that venture outside of those strict definitions, but still, each service’s strengths lie in its specialties.

For ClickFunnels, that’s helping entrepreneurs build online sales funnels that guide people toward becoming a lead or purchasing a product. Both services are great at what they do and both services do fundamentally different things.

If you want to generate more leads and make more sales online, ClickFunnels can help.

If you want to build more meaningful relationships with your customers and leads through email marketing, then ActiveCampaign might be the answer.

If you want to do both of those things, then consider integrating ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign together. They both have free trials, so you can give ‘em a shot before you make a final decision!

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