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Clickfunnels Pricing

How Much You Pay for Clickfunnels?

The cost of ClickFunnels is determined by several factors. The most important of them is the package you choose. Each package offers access to different products and benefits. Another determining factor is the timing plan for which you decide to be satisfied.

Finally, the cost will also be determined if you opt for some of the company’s additional subscription products. Here is additional information on each of these factors and their effect on the amount you will pay.

The Package

ClickFunnels has two main packages and a lesser-known package, all of which will be discussed in detail later in this write-up. A significant difference between these packages is the number of funnels, pages, visitors, and leads you to receive.

The cheaper packages have fewer options, while Full Suite offers unlimited numbers on all accounts. Another critical difference in Clickfunnels’ prices is the absence or presence of Actionetics.

This is the part of the program which enables you to maintain communication channels with your prospects.

Finally, the package you opt for will determine whether you have backpack services that allow you to integrate and run affiliate programs effectively. This is the most effective way to make the most out of your funnel, but it will certainly cost you more.


ClickFunnels price packages are also grouped according to the duration of the subscription.

In this case, the monthly fee is the most popular. There are also more important limits with the 6-month Funnel Hack package and the annual Funnel Hack package. These can cost you more at a go, but in the long run, you save a lot of money.

ClickFunnels Price – Irresistible Much?

You may be wondering, how much does clickfunnels cost? ClickFunnels price varies between their two subscriptions offers. The first is the ClickFunnels plan at $97 per month, and the second is the ClickFunnels Etison Suite at $297 per month.

As you can see below, the main difference between both the clickfunnels price is the number of funnels, landing pages, and landing page traffic. Give them both a test run with this exclusive 14-day FREE trial!

How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost?

Do not be afraid of the price after seeing the benefits. The price is in your hand. You will only spend $ 97 a month for the starter package. In return, the price is relatively lower than the profit they provide.

You can test it for free to get an idea of how this package works. You can try this through us without costing a cent. Funnel Build Secrets is a much greater deal and a better value for money. Because you have The Funnel Hacks offer, and also 12 months of The Etison Suite. Now that you have more knowledge about what determines the price, it’s time to talk about the actual figures of Clickfunnels pricing.

First, let’s look at the prices of the different monthly subscription plans


Both plans include A/B Split Tests, as well as Email Integration (we suggest ConvertKit vs Mail Chimp for email). We prefer using ConvertKit for email marketing as it has the most options when it comes to automation, plus it is the easiest platform to integrate with ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels Standard plan

Also known as a startup plan, it will cost you $97 a month. With this package, you get 100 pages, 20 funnels, and a capacity of 20,000 visitors per month. You also get the option of 3 customizable domains and an unlimited number of leads.

What Does The Package Contain?

Take a look at the benefits that the package can have for you.

  • The opportunity to create 100 pages

  • The benefits of making 20 funnels

  • 20,000 unique visitors

  • Three custom domains

  • Unlimited contacts

  • possibility of A/B split test

  • Possibility of creating the opt-in funnel

  • E-mail Integration facility

  • Click Popes feature

  • All types of advanced funnel

  • Click opt-in arrangement.

  • All elements to create a sales funnel

  • Unlimited member benefits

  • Membership funnel can be made

  • Auto Webinar funnel

  • The scope of order page creation

  • Hang out Funnel Making Facility

  • Up sale pages

  • Share your funnel

  • Down Sale Pages

Clickfunnels Etison Suite Explained

The ClickFunnels Etison suite is something you will often hear in the world of funnel hacking. But what is the Etison suite?

In this article, you will discover what a share funnel is, what is the Etison suite, what is included, and why it is worth it. But also how you can get the Etison Suite at a reduced price.

The main advantage of the Etison suite is that the limits of Clickfunnels disappear. It means total and unlimited access to everything:

  • Unlimited Funnels

  • Unlimited Pages

  • Along With Unlimited Visitors

It’s super powerful if you plan to promote Clickfunnels as an affiliate. Because with the unlimited package, you unlock the true power of share funnels. Also, the Etison suite includes Actionetics (e-mail service) and Backpack (Affiliate Backend). More on them below.

Clickfunnels in Etison Suite

If you’re reading this write-up, you must already know what Clickfunnels is and what it can do.

With the Etison suite, your Clickfunnels account has no limit. This is a considerable advantage because you will reach your limit very fast in the $97 plan.

The ClickFunnels pricing plan is based on certain variables displayed in ClickFunnels.

They are:

  • The Number of Funnels:

If you are new to funnels, consider it as a group of pages, one resulting from the other with a defined purpose.
The primary aim of a funnel is to move the audience from one stage to another and to get them to reach the goal.

  • The Total Number of Pages:

A page is a special URL where your content is displayed.

  • The Total Number of Unique Visitors:

This refers to the number of unique visits to your pages.

  • Custom Domain

A custom domain is the overall number of domain names you wish to host with ClickFunnels. Think about it, even if you are about to create several separate websites

  • E-mail Automation

if you prefer to send automated e-mails from your site based on the individual action taken by the visitor.

For Instance – Send an e-mail when it downloads something and returns it after a few days when you see them visiting your site or doing another action on your site.

The Funnel Builder Secrets Deal

This Funnel builder secrets deal is only accessible via a webinar titled “New Secret Funnel Strategy ”The online seminar is amazing and deserves to be watched, especially since it is free (for a limited time).


The $2,997 offer includes 12 months of the Etison suite. This equates to $249.75 per month. But the Etison suite is a free bonus included in the deal, which offers one of the best marketing courses you can find.The training on Funnel Builder secrets is priceless and includes a lot of content.

The Funnel Hacks coaching is also included in The Funnel Builder Secrets. But no matter if you are an affiliate marketer or a business owner, it is necessary.

Funnel Build Secrets is a much greater deal and a better value for money. Because you have The Funnel Hacks offer, and also 12 months of The Etison Suite.

The Funnel Hacks System Deal

This deal is also accessible only via a webinar entitled “The Funnels Hacks Webinar.”It’s also another great webinar to see. But the FBS webinar is the substitute, so it is possible that it will disappear soon.

The Funnel Hacks package includes six months of The Etison Suite priced at $ 997. This equates to $ 166.67 per month. But as above, the Etison suite is a bonus at the top of the training.

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