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Is ClickFunnels Worth It?

ClickFunnels is basically a website and a sales funnel builder which helps you build sales funnels that help businesses market, sell and deliver their products and services online.

ClickFunnels is right now the best funnel builder out there in the market and has helped thousands of digital marketers online. It is a product developed by Russel Brunson when he wanted a software that could help his business. 

ClickFunnels is a great marketing tool that is guaranteed to help you grow your online business. It is an all-in-one tool that features things like a website builder, an automated email sender and a wordpress plugin. It has been created to help entrepreneurs with no programming skills create and grow their online business with ease and effectiveness.

Having said all that, ClickFunnels has one problem. It is a bit pricey. It is available in two different price plans, the $97 per month StartUp suite and the $297 per month Etison suite.


There are other alternatives in the market, the likes of LeadPages which is available for a fraction of the price ($25 per month). But ask someone who has tried both, none of these alternatives are anywhere near as effective as ClickFunnels. That’s the reason why it’s so massively popular.


In this article, we will be looking into why ClickFunnels can be a worthy investment for your online business.

6 Reasons Why ClickFunnels Is For You

1. ClickFunnel Produces Results!

The first and most note-worthy feature of ClickFunnels is that it actually works! Thousands of successful online markers will vouch for it. It delivers what it promises.


If you consider the amount of time and energy that it would take to handle each of the features provided by ClickFunnels as independent third-party entities, you will begin to see why the price is actually a bargain. To put it simply, if you get ClickFunnels, your online business will grow significantly.

These guys made $102,058 in 18 Days with ClickFunnels

2. Super Easy To Use

ClickFunnels has always been marketed at entrepreneurs who don’t have any programming skills. It would take a lot of learning and more trails-and-errors before you would be able to setup a website that does the same things as ClickFunnels does.


With this tool, building your webpage can be quite easy. It comes with a drag-and-drop builder that lets you set your page up as you envisioned it. It also comes with aneasy option to duplicate your pages and you can also save a template for later use.

3. Integrates With WordPress

WordPress is a great content management system that has practically revolutionized how people setup and manage their blogs and websites. So it is an added perk that ClickFunnels has a great WordPress plugin (with 20,000 active users and a rating of 4.4in the WordPress plugin repository). With this plugin you can easily integrate your ClickFunnels pages with your WordPress website.

4. Split Test And Optimize

A/B Testing is a great method to validate the effectiveness of a web page. What it basically does is creates two different versions of the web page and puts both versions live online to see which performs better.


ClickFunnels comes with a great built-in A/B Tester. And it’s quite easy to use too. All you have to do is create a duplicate copy of the webpage you want to test, make necessary modifications and them choose how much traffic you want to let into version A and version B of the webpage.

5. All In One Online Business Tool

As you may have already figured out by now, ClickFunnels is an all-in-one tool that comes with everything you will need to setup and grow your online business. These include things like a website builder and an email triggers.

Besides this, ClickFunnels handles API integration very well. This means you can easily integrate services such as autoresponders and payment processing systems to your business.

6. ClickFunnels Is Great Value

Having listed all of the most important features of ClickFunnels in the points above, it is now worth noting that the price for which you’re getting all of this is actually quite a bargain. If you were to try and set up the whole configuration using third-party software and a management system, it would cost you way more.

Besides, it comes in two options, so you can select the plan that best suits your need. The more affordable StartUp suite comes with a few limitations including the number of visits (20,000), pages (100) and custom domains (3). But if this is within your requirements, there’s no point getting the more expensive Etison suite.

How ClickFunnels Can Help You


ClickFunnels, according to Forbes magazine, has been “silently revolutionizing the online marketing industry.” It only came into being in 2014, but has in this short time established itself as one of the best digital marketing tools out there.

ClickFunnels works by creating and integrating sales funnels into your online businesses. A sales funnel is a marketing model that, putsimply, takes in visitors and turns them into customers.


What this means in technical terms is that it follows every visitor in your website, observes their behavior and then customizes their experience so as to maximize the chance of them buying your product.


ClickFunnels will even follow through with potential customers after they have left your website. It may also link visitors to your other businesses, all in all, trying its best to maximize your collective online sales.


To conclude, ClickFunnels is definitely worth it. If you want to see your online business grow, definitely get it. Like we’ve already mentioned above, it is available in two different plans, one smaller and more affordable than the other.

Clickfunnels is an all in one platform that helps entrepreneurs to do all of their digital marketing in one place. The basics of clickfunnels are that it is a tool that enables people to grow their companies through sales funnels.


If you’re still having second doubts, you can rest assured. ClickFunnels comes with a free 14-day trail. You can test it before you decide whether or not you want to spend your money on it.

You need to be careful though. There are a few cheaper alternatives to ClickFunnels in the market. But cheaper doesn’t just mean more affordable here. Cheap means, much less effective and more difficult to manage.

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